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Reading Time: 3 minutes[:en]Do not let anyone tell you what “should” be, what you should do in life, which way to grab what decisions to take you to be good.

Nobody knows better than you how are you and no one knows better than you how you fine.

Everyone is unique and everyone should realize that we once and for all. I think because very often they say “you’re unique”, the phrase has become a cliché and no one stand to think what that means really.

DSC_0774 By uniqueness it you will not find anyone in this world just like you: the same parents, the same experiences like yours, with the same thoughts that you have, with the same physical characteristics and the same birthmark that only you had it. Hold on to this idea and verify if it is true for you.

Then why do you need someone to tell you what “should” be?

Or why do you think someone would know better than you what “should” be?

When someone tells us how we should be, we lose personal power, and when even someone ask ourselves how we should be, we agree to give it our strength.

I have done both experiences: to tell someone how it should be, and does nothing to make it on that little man, but I also asked others how should I be, and then I was the one that I felt small. See balance: tell them how to be, but in my turn I should be asked. One without the other can not.

But these experiences helped me to figure out that I did not need to tell them others how to be, know them better, or will find them at the right time, and I did not need to ask other approvals on such I have to be.

After learning this lesson I won a key point: trust me, in their own forces. And others have given to space and relaxation to be as they wish and to feel comfortable in my presence.

In addition, you can share with these thoughts and to help other people to realize their own uniqueness.

When people tell you what “should” be, in fact its their say. It is too afraid to look inside them, talk to them, so talk to you, because it is easier or do not know how else to proceed.

People are afraid to look at them, for they know not what they find or infer that it is a lot of work there to bring out the true “I” hidden under “Ego should be” that to please others, to comply with the rules and norms of society. So they prefer to look outward and to “shed” their frustration on you.

We do not have to tell others how you “should” be. Either we accept them as they are, or we leave in peace. Most times we want the other to be like us, because it makes us feel safe, because we know how to react in certain situations, because if the other would be like us, would not We need to strive to truly understand him, to see him as he really is.

We cling to people and we want to change. But we have not changed anything from anyone. Our only job is to ourselves.

On other times I’m just like, or give them away.

Trying to change his only make us lose energy. Moreover, no one feels better knowing that the other does not accept it as it is. It made him feel frustrated that not enough as makes him feel unloved. And this is the greatest torture of mind: you feel unloved. Do not be accepted as you are.

In closing, reminders: We do not have to change anything to anyone. Our only job is to ourselves.

Now I ask you: were you told how it “should” be? Or have your turn told others how it should be? How did you feel?

I would love to read your thoughts in the comments below.[:]

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