My story starts like that: I’ve always been a happy person. I grew up in the countryside, with my grandparents, in the nature, with all the animals and birds that you can find in a village. I woke up with the sheep passing by our courtyard going to the valley to eat. I was happy with their voices, screams and bells ring.

I enjoyed walking barefoot on the grass, on earth, drinking water from the fountain, going on the field and eating watermelons with my hands.

I grew up connected with the nature and I was one of the lucky ones. My wonderful grandmother, whom I loved dearly, was one of the wisest human being I’ve ever met. She naturally was in contact with herself, she always followed her intuition. She didn’t went to school because she had to stay home taking care of her siblings while her mother was at work.

I grew up with my grandmother’s stories about her family, about her experiences, with her thought about life. She always had a story before bedtime. Sometimes when she stopped telling the story believing that I fell asleep and not wanting to bother me, I woke up from my semi-sleep and ask for the continuation: “And then…what happened?” and she continued. I received unconditional love, I felt understood, no extraordinary expectations from me, like it is normal from a child. I felt free, relaxed and happy.

At the age of 7 I had to leave because school started. I moved with my parents in the city and everything changed. I started to grew up with pressure, agitation, criticism, a world where “other people’s opinions” matter. I felt limited, unloved and unaccepted.

Every time I could, in the week-ends and during my vacations from school, I run away to my grandmother, to feel again happy. Even it was only for a short time.

I finished high school, I went to University. I was not familiar with the academic environment so I made my decision based on other colleagues of mine. Nobody knew what they really wanted to do in life, we choose what was “fashionable” at that time.

Although I was not excited about school, I always had good grades, I always listened, never been a rebel. What other people thought about me- their opinion was important of course: “Stefania is such a good girl, always working hard, having good grades” blah, blah, blah.

I have graduated from two Universities: Academic of Economic Studies in Bucharest and The Institute of Economics in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Like this wasn’t enough I also have a Master degree in Communications and Public Relations.

The good side of school for me was that helped me think, be logical, getting familiar with some notions, asking questions- yes I’ve always asked questions if something was unclear for me. So I’ve always wanted to understand.

I had several jobs in multinational companies, in the financial department. Like in school, I’ve tried to do my best. Even though I was not passionate about the domain.

In my early 20’s I red my first book for personal development. I remember very well – was a Anthony Robbins book.

I liked so much that it took me months to read it. I underlined the most important paragraphs and also took notes. I didn’t read many book for personal development but the ones that I have red helped me a lot.

I went to personal development classes, workshops, seminars. I did coaching with a personal coach, I did therapy. At that time I felt unappropriate, I can tell you for sure that I didn’t love myself, I barely could look in the mirror at myself.

But after a while, after all this work with myself I started to feel that I came here in this world for a reason.

I’ve always was happy to help other people and always been happy to be surrounded by nice human beings.

Also in the companies were I have worked I knew everybody. I was everywhere. In one of the companies I had to opportunity to organise and lead few charity events and I became confident about what I can do.

In my late 20’s I have decided- after a lot of thinking – to leave the company. My last charity event just ended and my first thought was: “My work here is done.” Done with the event, done with the company. And in my heart I felt peace.

But my brain started: “What are you going to do now?” I didn’t feel to take another job.

So I decided to take a break. I can assure you, that so far, this was the best decision of my life. Without knowing, I restarted my life.

Until then I felt that I build a house based on other people want from me, a house who was insecure, unsafe, with no confidence.

After my decision I felt that I just torn down my old house and started a new one. A house build the way I wanted.

The period that followed was relaxed but also confused because I didn’t know what to do.

Ok, I had some savings but then what? I would go back to my old life? How about the promises I have made to myself?

Luckily, I was surrounded by people who supported me a lot and started to travel, to go to concerts. Thanks to a good friend of mine I have discovered jazz and helped me a lot getting in touch with myself, with my intuition, with my feelings, with my soul.

The journey was hard because everything was new, but there was no way back.

Something inside me guided through this path. I have learned to relax, to let go, to let myself guided.

Of course there are still moments when I feel confused, but I learnt. The life is a journey, not a destination, right? At least we could enjoy it.

Started to paint- until then painting was never a talent of mine. Contrary, I could barely draw something. But I followed my soul’s desire and bought crayons, brushes, acrylic paint, canvas. Took painting lessons. Helped me express myself, helped me be close to myself.

Art makes that for people.

Started this website. I’m the one who created the design, the pages. My web designer was behind the technology. After I decided to take a break I started to meet so many wonderful people. Having more free time, being so open to knowledge, being so curious made my journey be delightful.

I have realised that I’ve always been interested in beautiful people. When growing with my grandmother because she was such a loving person, during the weekend we had neighbours and relatives coming over and I was happy to be the host.

If we are open enough we can learn from people many good things. Some people lead by example, others teach us how not to be.

We are surrounded all day long by people, we can let us be inspired.

But there is a catch. Although we are surrounded by so many people, the work with ourselves it is us who has to do it.

You can not ask to another human being to come and change your life. To come and save you. This is not possible. He has his own work with himself.  It kind of makes sense, right? The same thing is available backwards: you do not want to change another person. Maybe you want, but it is useless. Waste of time and energy.

I will share with you my insights, the way I see life. I am not perfect, but one thing I know: I am real. I can promise you that. I am still learning and I would always will.

My resignation was not planned, it naturally came. I felt like something else was calling me, something greater than me. Something that I couldn’t resist. So I followed my intuition because there was not another way.

Come and join me in my beautiful and real world. We have hope for you. Have faith. Believe in me. Believe in yourself that everything is possible and you are not alone.

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