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Last night I think I had a dream. Yes. I thought what happened was so beautiful, like a fairy tale. I spent the evening with wonderful people (and you do not know before), fantastic food – no, not exaggerating when I use this word and a host I could take her in his arms. Ah, wait. I hugged her and kissed her. It was so lovely.

But to tell from the start it was.

Receive message to reach Beca’s Kitchen restaurant, Eminescu Street no. 80. I had never heard of this place, but I was told, everything in message, it is a very nice place. I am open to go and new places.

As I also have some blonde highlights through your hair, they were quick to take effect.Instead of Mihai Eminescu, strands of me remembers “George Enescu”. Tin necessarily mention that shabby and orientation. As I was already downtown I say we do not take a taxi, but to walk. Sounds familiar George Enescu. From George Enescu probably market. A place where I spent time time with the Jazz Festival organized by Arcub.

I spin a little besides Athenaeum place close to market George Enescu. Finally find atGeorge Enescu, but which do not take the number 80! No. 8, No. 16, No. 30 .. and ready.Further Dorobanti. I start to talk in my mind Dorobanti: No offense, but you do not need to be here. George Enescu should be. Where did you hide the George Enescu ?? I feel like going home. The announcement that I get in 10 minutes and half an hour had already passed.

Luckily I give head to watch the message again. Let’s not give up yet. I see clearly now: Mihai Eminescu, number 80! At first it annoyed me, but then she laughs come we commit.Again. I find a taxi and tell him that I want to lead on Mihai Eminescu street, number 80. George Enescu was writing !!

He says the taxi driver: “ah, well almost” and leave. Phew, I breathe a sigh of relief. I started to tell in one sitting what adventures we went. “To see what happened …” I do not know if he heard me. But as I told you well.

Reach their destination. A small place but cozy. People delicately, like the place, I think. I meet new friends. Four in number. Three in Germany, the last remnant of India, studied in Germany and now lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

oameni frumosi

Did I mention that they are open to meet new people, Meal? This sees and feels to me.When I arrived I started to tell Patan in two minutes already laughing together. I was on the same vibe clear. Or if it was not, and I brought the vibe CPC me.

They had come on holiday in Romania. They stood in Bucharest 3 days next two weeks will be in the Fagaras mountains and into the Delta. Until August 17 will spend their time here.

When I arrived there were already appetizer. I invite you to eat together. Lettuce created all sorts of wonders through it, bread slice, the size of two fingers, beans and eggplant salad.Good all. But see what follows. To order the main course. The menu was written in chalk on a small table. I do not see what’s written there, I leave my new friends to order for me.They decide to take more kinds of food, put them in the middle and divide. What a nice gesture!

Order of the owner is taken from us even small paradise, Andrea Beca (finally sat at our table, as he could not otherwise). Begin to talk about every dish that contains and how to eat. Tell with such passion that you do not hear what he says. Just watch it and how involved is the story. Little by tall, with a baby on the way. Where was such passion incapand ?! I’ll sip eyes. I love passionate people. Emana energy so good that can heat the whole room was. So and Andreea.

Beca's Kitchen

We want fish with vegetables, shrimp sauce, zucchini with cheese and salad. I took about 4 dishes. Lord, my mouth raining when I remember what I fed my body wonders.

He tells us that when we bring the fish, we must remove shoes, to remove the blade from inside. If we need to put lemon on the fish, the use of lemon inside the fish, the baked, not raw lemon, otherwise we will not feel the flavor of the fish. These things were repeated while delving delicious. I told you when we took command could not hear what he was saying, I was just looking at it.

After 30 minutes the food comes. Time in which we tell what we do, what we do, what interests us. People were walking around in China, USA, Europe. They said that when they travel they will not give a lot of money on accommodation, prefer to give him the food.Interesting perspective! Next day went to Fagaras, and then wanted to Camp Delta where they wanted to rent kayak or canoe for an adventure on the Danube. It was their first visit in Romania and were pleasantly impressed by the people warm and opened it.

In Germany people are more reserved, but when it comes to camping everything is systematized. You can not put your tent than in special places, no wild places, like here with us.

When preparations get surprised us all know how good they look and how beautiful are arranged on the plate. The long stop eating food that good, nutritious, healthy. I felt every mouthful. Surely, after this experience, I look different food. Do not eat just to eat, to fill our stomach. Let’s feed with food, to feel it.

Beca's Kitchen

As they ate and enjoyed all those delicious, Andreea he makes a little visit to see how we feel. I felt her modesty that does not really see the owners of restaurants. I liked it much.She tells us that she likes very much to eat. In my thinking, “Yes, I know the feeling.” I realized that when people say they like to eat, they think more about quantity than quality.When she was different. Because she appreciated the quality of food. And they say that they can give people to eat something she can not eat. It goes right to shop at the market, along with aid. Especially now when pregnant needs someone to help with bags. He knows exactly the places where you have to buy, what to buy and how much to buy. She does not want to produce large amounts of food, and why not go on production. Depending on what the market finds, forms and menu. Buy only fresh produce, including fish. Not heard the terms or frozen, for the preparation does not have the same flavor. It tells us that likes fish dishes, again I think that is mine.

Beca's Kitchen

A man who appreciates quality more than the quantity. When you meet a passionate man and I talk passionately about what you are passionate about (please do not get dizzy the pun) in the story, in what has to share and you start to see and feel lucuruile in perspective saddle. There’s no way to escape. I enveloped in passion.

Andreea put recipes on his blog. He thinks that those who do not have money to come to the restaurant, can prepare delicious dishes at home. Only when I look at pictures and I remember this wonderful restaurant pentrecuta evening, I come to tell Andrea: “I can move you, will roooog?”.

The evening ended as beautiful as it began. We said goodbye to the host with smiles, handshakes, hugs.

As my Germans, I hated them all well in their trip and hope to meet again when they returned from Delta. As he went to Germany, leaving everything in Bucharest.

About this means a wonderful evening for me: beautiful people, good food, great place.What else has you looking for?

Look, I put the link to the blog and Andrea Beca. Warning! Do not look unless you have a full stomach or are dressed to go to Beca’s Kitchen. Otherwise, I promise I will not get to roadeti the computer.


PS Do not tell the desert. God … dessert !! Okay, do not say anything.

Beca's Kitchen



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