Hey! I’m Stefania. Welcome to my world. A world full of beautiful people!

Here you will find articles and videos with passionate people, honest people who enjoy life, people who are looking to discover themselves step by step, people who live beautifully,  people with an open heart, people who see life as a gift, people who inspire us with their passionate way of speaking, people who believe in what they do, people from whose experience we learn.

Over time I realised that you need not be famous, you don’t necessarily have to be a star to inspire others, you just have to live with integrity, with love for yourself and others, to be kind, to fully enjoy life, to have passion for what you do. Among these people it can be anyone: it can be a relative, maybe a neighbor, can be a man you meet on the street, it can be you.

These people inspire us and with their help we realize that it is never too late to start over, to give attention to a passion, a dream. To give yourself attention, to move towards your call in life, the call of your soul, of your being, which is actually the essence of your existence.

I wish you to receive these people with an open heart, to enjoy them and let yourselves inspired by them.

To summarize what you find on the site:

In the section “About Me” … you will find some information about me, so you know me better. Mostly my actions, but from my action you can tell a little bit what kind of a person I am.

What I think you will find in the section “Blog”. My beliefs based on my experience of life.

I will write these thoughts, but also record them. What I want to pass it on. To pay forward. I hope they will inspire and have a positive impact on your life.

Also, in the “Blog” I added some Reviews who are also experiences with other people. Reviews for who they are, for the places they run, the things they do. If I write about them it is because these experiences contributed somehow to my life.

In  “Portraits” you will find interviews with people who have transformed their life, my focus is on their professional life. Of course their transformation took place because something change in their thoughts. The professional life is the result of these thoughts.

I interview people in whom I believe, genuine people, people with integrity, people with a journey, people who succeeded, people who managed to become closer to themselves, to whom they really are. From these kind of people we learn.

In  “Conversations” you will find filmed interviews, taken from people who inspired me and who have something to say. I tell them “conversations” because they are simple, normal dialogs with humans. It is not something official or formal. I wanted to create a relaxed, friendly environment.

In “Stories” you will find short… stories. Experiences and people that I meet along my life. The fulfil me, they give me joy, they make me a better human. For this reason I want to share them with you.

In “Events” – every action that I take to help beautiful people to be closer to themselves. Conferences, seminars, online programs. As well as the actions that I lead to help people in need, who were not so lucky as we were: nursing homes, homeless people, etc.

From “Contact” you can write me and also subscribe to the newsletter. I send weekly emails so you can be in touch with everything I think, write, speak, do.

The purpose of this website is to bring as much inspiration as I can in people’s lives, to help them live an authentic, meaningful existence, to help them to find their passion and joy for life.

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