Reading Time: 2 minutes[:en]One morning I went to the bank to work. Outside it was so beautiful! A perfect day, with fluffy clouds and wind that blew across the sky. I do not know if I told you, but I am absolutely fascinated by those fluffy clouds that resemble cotton candy. Every time I see the sky and marvel cheerful give me immense.

47548_4283258678306_1263344911_n (1)With this cheerful, relaxed, get in the bank. I stand in a queue, and when my turn comes, the lady at the cashier begins procedures to solve my issue for which I came.

It was nice, kind, warm, nice words, but at the same time seemed preoccupied by something.

I seemed too nice, I wanted to help her somehow. It suddenly came to mind as I would love to change his status. It’s a shame to stay all day so upset.

While complete some documents for me, I thought to write to a note. I felt immediately that it is a good idea so I took pen and I went to work. It’s the one you see in the image. After the job ended and I gave, telling her that she is special.

After reading the note, his face brightened by a big smile and if they could not believe that someone could give her something.

I cheered myself, definitely her day was beautiful after this “gift.”

What I have done with the note because it happened I felt in that moment, but at some time I realized in that moment I learned some of the greatest lessons.

1. It is wonderful to bestow, but to do it from the heart to feel that way not because we should. No soul can bring joy to someone else if you are not enjoying it yourself. It is very important to be authentic in what you are doing.

2. What is it give people inside you. You can not give joy and love in your heart if you have anger, hatred, envy, fear.

3. If you fit condition, if you feel deserves to make someone smile. A day to make them more beautiful, and you’ll feel great. It is amazing how a small gesture can change so a man in good condition.

If you’ve done such gestures, if you made someone smile, I would like to share here below, and leave a comment telling me how did the other person how you felt you.[:]

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