Reading Time: 2 minutes[:en]The other day I was on the subway, Conveyor descending. At one point, the other path that climbs, a boy hands me a card and tells me it is a card one day and give me a thousand, he no longer needs. While I expect such gestures from people beautiful, surprising me every time. I marvel hard, I smiled, cheering and receive thanks.

gradina botanica (134)I go home and I realize that I am not going to need it that day, so I thought I’d give it to someone else to enjoy it. I see a man heading for the ticket, I go up to him with a smile, to give him the card. Sure a good look to them. Shoulder beat him to the house, he nothing. He buys the card and then turned to me as if I would have asked for money and asks me a dirty look that’s wrong. Quack at it, call it a couple, I do not like his attitude and I should listen to people before they give him guessing. I bosumflu, nor any mention of the card.

Still, I want to give someone … After a minute, meet a boy and tell grudgingly’d like to give it a subway card. Free. Using that day. Boy does not believe it. Mai Mai to take me in his arms with joy. It goes and starts to laugh for good. I come back and I enjoy myself with it.

Lessons learned:

1. Not everyone is willing to take, so it is pointless to be angry or even beat your head with them.

2. There will always be people who will gladly give what you have.

3. If you believe in something that brings joy in the soul and excites you, especially using others, pass on, whatever.

4. The gifts are divided always received with others. When you feel the time is right for you.

5. gives no expectations. Endows both.[:]

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