Reading Time: 6 minutes[:en]At the beginning of December here I am again in Brasov. This time I came Jazz Festival. I really wanted to come, but I decided later. Where is the desire and will. And where will a clear, well defined, there is room for action. I looked subscriptions, but were sold long.

Take a look at their official website and find there a name and a phone number. A call Mihaela, contact person, I explain how much I want to get to this festival and make it clear that I want a subscription. After several minutes of discussion, Mihaela remembers that has a subscription thrown in a corner.

I express clearly and enthusiastically as I want it. I give bank details and … here’s the jazz. Mihaela Thanks!

I arrive in Brasov and I get dizzy. From the new air of tranquility. Ah, good. For several days not to hear and see the cars that roar through the streets of Bucharest and confuse me sometimes. Noise makes me want to escape to tranquility whenever I can.

Staying in an Italian home, a kid of 26 named Alessandro. I go to his place of work to give me the keys to the apartment. It has an exotic look. It is tall, has a baby face and long hair in dreduri. I’d say is if the Brazilian would have had skin so white it not been red cheeks.

As soon as you see him take the question: What about him here, what do I ask details because I’m a curious man, and he gives me a great relaxation. He knows of two minutes and I give details about his life. Did not cease with questions, avalanche coming over me.

And I come to mind as I had a good match for the CIA. That’s what happens to everyone: I ask them, they answer me. It seems odd to me they ask me, but ask me. I try to make myself accustomed with their questions and especially to feel comfortable to talk about me. It does not cross their mind that I could be a secret agent. Only I’m allowed to dream.

The first night I sit Alessandro and more talk. He came here to open a restaurant with fish specialty Princip. After you open -isi make a team, that receives the building of the former owner, yes nose to nose with Romanian bureaucracy, renovating it makes menus, hire staff, teach him the rightful owner, then go to the next design.

Open so restaurants, bars all over the world. Until now it was in Cyprus, Brazil, Greece. After Brasov, is to go to Texas, United States.

While pasta cooks tells me carciofini and arugula salad with cheese, tomatoes and apples. My taste buds have never tasted so, but accept as they are entitled to such goodies.

I’m impressed, what to say. At 26 you handle it on their own way … admirable.

But really works. From 7 am to 8 pm. From Monday to Sunday. So for several months. Afterward, take a few months break other.

I said that when works, thinks about his holiday months. I marvel as it is serious and responsible. Others his age do not even know the word “responsibility”. “Each to his own way” thinking.

My first evening of Jazz was truly magnificent. I have a great feeling: I’m glad that I listened and I came here. I’m in the right place.

Next evening, coming from two Polish Italian apartment. A girl and a boy. Travelling in Europe and need hosting for a few days. From the first hours we got along so well all four. Polish boy Adam, is a talkative and confuses us in a good way, but sometimes tiresome, with his stories. I can not believe what my ears hear from him. Walk for a few more years in Europe, worked several times in France, seasonal work, slept in caves by corturi- not entirely neobisnuit- but when you have a house where you can sleep and you choose tent is indeed unusual. At least for me. I always choose the bed.

Polish girl Agatha, after high school went to England. He stayed there two years, then moved to Italy. I can not say relaxing stay in one place more than two years and likes to travel alone. I see very calm and at peace with it.

Adam met a few days ago, after a break of seven years. They decided to go along several days, or until you decide that “I do not support” her story with amusement.

I like their independence and that they pay attention to their needs. Today Agatha decided to go to Bran Castle because he read a lot about a fascinating and, although it was raining outside and nobody wanted to most visited castle went alone.

Makes me think as I was before: always watching what others want, what they need others and even if I stepped on your heart, they will follow.

Makes me think and how I am now, as I learned to count and be careful about what I want. And especially to express what I want.

I like how am now and I’m glad attract people who are like me and I remember: “Do not forget to consider.”

In the third night I come two Frenchmen Jonathan, Simon and a girl from Greece, Vasi. Just relaxing and them.

Find out how Simon was the designer of gardens in France in 2012 and resigned that it seemed illogical that a man who worked in the manager’s office to tell him what to do in his garden. He alone knew exactly what was happening in his garden and need to be creative to put their brains contribution. His tired of being told what to do. Decisions taken by others for his work in creative killed them.

Vasi, I find it incredibly relaxed. I say “worse you do if you stress. Things happen as it should happen. You can not think you’re stressed.” He tells me: “You seem like very relaxed”. I say it is the weather and they are sleeping. Laughed. Laugh at everything.

He worked a few months- about 6- somewhere in northern Spain, a university. He hated that place. He could not take more than five minutes break and always attract attention if they exceed 5 minutes, but most did not like people do not talk to each other, not talking to her. He needs to feel human in a job.

In the third evening of Jazz Festival convince him to go and Alessandro. Yes r before the concert, I go out with my new friends Poland Square where the lights illuminate the tree. We arrive in the market and we are all amazed by the crowd three men who invaded the market. It seems to be a real event for them. I wonder where were these people the night before when I was driving home from jazz and the streets were deserted.

Andra singing on stage, and Agatha asks me who it is. I find it strange that someone does not know the Andra.

Besides the multitude of people and besides Andra, there are houses where they sell wine and all sorts of dishes. Adam takes us one wine with apple, orange and cinnamon, we enjoyed our walk around the Republic, which is full of light, do a self, and I’m heading to the jazz festival where he is to meet Alessandro.

The concert lasted almost 4 hours. The last two bands were from Serbia and the United States respectively. Before the Romans have played two of ours, very nice indeed, but the two foreign troops have made me to think of something. I liked how he played band in Serbia but feel that something is missing. I realized that after seeing the band is missing from the States and especially its singer: Sharra Williams. When I started playing all the lights were lit. Yes! That band was missing from Serbia living! I want to see how the singer feels singing. How do I take her in her living.

Why cant if you do not feel?

For more live if you do not feel what you live?

And living means passion. The Sharra Williams if she was sad and I was sad when it was passionate, I was passionate if she was happy, I was happy.

The singer from Serbia, I felt nothing. Fur. Yes, it was cute, but jazz is about feeling. But I liked the flesh of Serbia chick who played the harmonica. That feeling and ailalta. Even so. Yes, yes, I pour out the fire here (that’s more like a flicker) because I want all the bands that you listen to take me on a journey with them.

The last evening of the festival, the one in which I went to Alessandro, was last night. Tonight is the last night that we all and I grabbed cuisine. Eh, not me. And when I say “they” I mean the French. The others are in addition to other duties or cooks. I write. Someone has to do it and p’asta, right ?!

I had planned to leave today to get back in Bucharest, but I turned back. Jonathan greet me when I get back to the apartment and tells me: “Have you realized that you do not have a reason to come back today.” That’s how it is. How simple he said. And I was thinking and wondering what to do, to go or not go, I make a thousand scenarios, list advantages and disadvantages. He’s right man. Today I had a reason to come back.

I’m going to keep you company in the kitchen. Prepare humus, rizotto and pie crumble. Simon deals rice mixed with vegetables and spices of all kinds, humus and Jonathan shoved in the oven crumble. While cooking make plans and tell the others about the way they have done in the next day, next week. Simon looks on laptop Agatha how to get faster in Bulgaria where he wants and what to visit. They do not know exactly what will happen, but have an idea of what they want: to meet a friend in Craiova, stay a few days with her, sit in a warm place Craciu, to spend the holidays with close friends .

We spend the evening eating, talking, laughing, telling stories.

In a few days I will re-meet some of them in Bucharest.

I’m so glad I met so beautiful people. What luck again on my head. It was all the fault. I was waiting.

And the rest, who are not beautiful, I ask to do their work through other hand, I do not want to meet them. And certainly not me them.[:]

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