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Last night I was Avishai Cohen’s concert and it was great! Avishai is a jazz musician, he is bass player and played with a pianist and a drummer, and they are very good. I remembered how much I love jazz and how much you helped me open. What I felt was joy, pleasure was so intense and profound! I love my state after such a concert!


I like other genres of music, but none of them get to me as does jazz. I discovered jazz a few years ago when I was in Sibiu Jazz Festival and then all go on to concerts in Bucharest and festivals: from Garana, from Sibiu, in Ploiesti.

Until that first festival in Sibiu, I never heard jazz “live”. After the first chords heard, I asked, “What is that ??”. Ask not what music is really wondering what they felt that state. Since then I started to feel more. I became more attentive to my body, because jazz communicate with the body, makes them vibrate. When listening to jazz feel open, safe, dishes, I feel myself, makes me feel richer, fuller feel joy in the soul so high that I can not help but smile, or keeping eyes jailed feel and more.

Good music is food for the soul. Important is give yourself permission to feel, to open yourself to receive, to let it flood your soul, enjoying it and she thanks her depth can bring you so much satisfaction.

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