Reading Time: 12 minutes[:en]Andrei Rosu decided 3 years he wants to change some habits not very healthy that we have at the moment – those coming from work, to place it directly into the couch, eating unhealthy and to zapping remote television with some better habits.

So she decided to take up running. The service did not like air conditioning, and one day a colleague wanted to make a joke and sent an email with details about the marathon at the North Pole. What did you think? He decided to go to this competition. The marathon at the North Pole! A read further in the interview how long before I workout and why he chose precisely this competition and all you down even from that movie marathon.

Andrei insa nu s-a oprit aici. A alergat 7 maratoane şi 7 ultramaratoane pe 7 continente intr-un an si 217 zile, inscriindu-se astfel în Guinness World Records la categoria „Fastest time to run a marathon and ultra marathon on each continent”, iar pe 2 martie 2013 a terminat Florida Double Iron, unde a inotat 7,6 km, a mers pe bicicleta 360 km si a alergat 84,4 km, in numai 35 de ore si 8 minute.

But Andrew did not stop there. He ran seven marathons and 7 ultramaratoane on seven continents in one year and 217 days, registering itself in the Guinness World Records in the category “Fastest time to run a marathon and ultra marathon on each continent” and on March 2, 2013 ended Double Iron Florida, where a 7.6 km swim, 360 km bike went and ran 84.4 kilometers in just 35 hours and 8 minutes.
I said I have to meet this man, so I went and I talked to him.

Says he was not a professional athlete, took 33 years to begin to run. I asked what prompted him to make this change.

Andrei: At one point in my life, 3 years ago I decided to become something else. For my children.

Stefania: That was the reason?

Andrew: That was the main reason that caught my attention. Can not you ask your child to eat healthy when I do not do or do sport when I stay home, you did not like. He wants to do what he sees in the house, he wants to be like his father, his mother, wants to try things they try and them.

Then I said, “why I have to be bent in old age, ill to die at 70 years old and have all sorts of pain, when I saw people running from 70-80 years – even had to pull hard some contests to finish ahead of them. We know very well what we have to do to be healthy, to be happy for us to carry out the projects, so the theory – I feel so those who read these randuri- know. But we lack that step which usually is small, there is one huge that to get him to move from “knowing” to have knowledge to apply them.

Stefania: How can we do this faster pace?

Andrei: You must have motivation and ask yourself “But why is it important for me to become so?” Because ultimately in life I think are two major options: when you make a balance and see what situation you are in all respects-professional, personal, physical, you do an assessment, and when you see in the mirror you have two decisions to make: either you take the context in which you find yourself, get back with him, Do not complain, you’re accepted and reconciled with what you have or you realize that this is not the context in which you wanted to get in to live the rest of your life and you want to change. If you want to change the context, you must be willing to invest time, energy, to sacrifice things.

Stefania is important to have an overview?

Andrei: I remember from high school or college they went to parties and drank and I felt I was very consistent and that dance very well and that I behaved very nicely. Until you see the film, I did not understand what happened there. So is the story balance. Stay thorns, but do not mind a lot, do not get up there, you get used to them, but until you see the big picture until you see clear, I do not know if you have the ability to make changes. Unfortunately many times your loved one dies, or you lose your job puternic- shock or doctor tells you that you have lived so or other unfortunate events occur and you realize you have to change something. Unfortunately, we reacted very strongly to fear, to fear. But we could react and opportunities. It is true that prehistoric man for tens of thousands of years ago when it exits the cave was afraid of being eaten by larger animals. Perhaps I stuck with this fear, but it would be good to focus more on opportunities. This includes enormous opportunity that we have to become something, to do something or have something else.

I like to give as an example “the definition of insanity” Einstein’s day to day we do the same thing, but somehow we expect or we want different results. Somebody save us. What is not is because if we do not know what we would like or in what context we want to be, then no brain does not lead us in the right direction. Our brain works like a taxi: if you say “take me “and you give the exact address, go because it will filter every decision in terms of the direction in which you go.” It’s about the direction the decision it want to go? “Yes or no. If you do not tell him the address of the taxi and I say “go and when I get there one to figure out, as to admit walls,” he will go adrift on the principle that if you do not know where you going, any wind is according to the cruise ship with. So you must clearly define the context, no matter how absurd or what would be different now.

Stefania: And how do you define it when you’re an adult now? There are few people who really know the will. I believe that if you have a natural talent: painter or you have a very beautiful voice, then you already know that since childhood to be a painter or a singer. And to me it was quite difficult to find my way.

Andrew: But I do not I found my. When you make changes in a direction that you desire, you have the feeling you’re going in the right direction. It’s a very nice feeling. Even if you say, 100% defined what you want to happen over 10-20-30 years.

Stefania: How to define your goals and how you clarify?

Andrew: First of all I think pretty little talent. First it is fortunate to discover talent at time of little activity, a game that you like and assign that game so long as to become the best. I believe that is purely mathematical. If you like a lot and give time, let’s say you spend to 10,000 hours, you’ll be better that someone who allocate 5,000. And if you’re passionate about something, you will be permanently opened it to new information that related to your passion, you put in a favorable context every time. Do not you have something inside you that rejects everything that has to do with your passion, you basically sabotaging yourself because it’s not what you really want.

It’s a pity to make choices in the short term, sacrificing your dreams and goals in the medium and long term. Often finish school and you say “Oh, I understand you want to be the photographer of world renown, but let until you become photographer world renowned, take and you a job at a company, to own what to pay your camera. “The trap is that if we do not devote body and soul to our passion, it’s becoming harder As time goes appliances and other limitations: family, loans, etc. That’s good to D’you start early.

Stefania: People who leave this thing somehow prevented: I am familiar, I think … a kind of resignation.

Andrew tells me that actually it’s attitude and starts telling me about how he changed the program and way of life since he started running. I realize that when you really want something, you start to make changes in your life and you program leading to achieving that aim. He tells me he now finds himself at 5am on weekdays and train for 2 hours and Saturdays and Sundays at 4 am and wakes train 4-5 hours. And at 10 pm bedtime. I tell me how this program is the healthiest because it has a deep sleep. And to realize how involved it is, and was measured using a clock that measures the pulse when is the best of went to bed: the best is to not lie with full belly, going to bed at 9.30 -10 and this gives a sensational recreation. I do not wake up tired. Knowing that the day doing something that I like: listening to music in up jogging, admire a sunrise in Herastrau, gives me a certain energy.

So I won waking up early and attitude. Before I gave many excuses. I said that I can not run because: I have nowhere to run, in Romania there’s no time like in other countries, I would not get my equipment, as are dogs that will say the world sees me neighbor in tights etc .. All sorts of excuses like that. After that my attitude of softly went in area “will manage it, is to do this if the following conditions are met: a), b), c), d) … stuff that takes me. Meaning: if I make a program if one was looking for a route better (if we go by the example of running), you make friends with the dogs … and then you’re more oriented solutions towards positive thinking, than say barriers to start.

Stefania: I mean you set your goal and then see how you can accomplish.

Andrei: Exactly. And what keeps me oriented me. It is clear that our lives are things you can control and things you can not control, for example, can not control the global context, we can not control what other people do around us and many others, and many new or place the blame for what happens in our lives other people, or the government, neighbors, etc., but not very good look at what we can do.

Stefania: Yes, and it’s a lot of wasted energy when we concentrate on others.

Andrei: Clear. But when you focus only on what you can control, regain actually control over the self and the personal life and that gives you a sense of freedom fantastic. Think about it: all you do is up to you, does not depend on someone else .

Stefania: How was your life before you start running, how we think, than they are now. From what I understand, you are now more disciplined, concentrate better. What were you like before?

Andrei: I was not catastrophic, but my life is not going in a good direction. I was 10 kg plus. I had some mental blocks, a bias about what I can do or what I can do, I think things are much more beyond the scope of my control than control my attitude was different, I had high motivation Long term, I see a future context. I prefer to survive. Today well, well tomorrow, after tomorrow better. Let go and so.

Stefania: Now how do you see?

Andrew: Now I understand that the universe is moving. That is the natural state, not stiff. And tomorrow if they need to change my career and to start from scratch, it is wonderful, I see it as an opportunity.

If you set a clear goal and is part of you, of your strategy, what you want to become, stop thinking about obstacles, you wonder how you can overcome them, how can you reach them, find resources, you will always find a way. And focus.

Plus when we say what plans, we receive help. We often refuse to be helped and not blaming people we help. But “say and you shall receive.” Say what you want because nobody knows what you want if you do not say.

Stefania: Why do you think that we refuse to be helped?

Andrei: I think we oamenii- and so was I, we have a self-destructive behavior. Self-esteem declines seeing that you fail to reach your goals some, then you self-sabotage. As you smoke, you drink alcohol, you eat poorly, it means self-destructive behavior and self-esteem you. A man with normal self-esteem, who knows very clearly what can and is confident, will never have a self-destructive behavior.

If you have some goals, some successes, we begin to devalue, we under-estimated. It is said that you earn as much as they matter. This is not actually to have some expectations of phase, to be unrealistic. It’s about knowing exactly what you can offer in time, to establish your goals, be clear with what you have done to Touch them, to set your footsteps, of following and move forward.

And it comes to creating your new good habits to take you in the right direction: the habit of getting up early habit of being open-minded, to persevere, to read some materials that relate to the objectives tale- because in this way accumulate information, make connections, brings you closer to your dreams, you meet people who Contact your dreams.

Stefania: Another curiosity of mine: How did you get just the marathon at the North Pole?

Andrei: Running is a sport accessible to anyone who can run and sandals if you want. Me being a convenient yarn knew that if it’s not a very big target, I will not change so as to become the kind of man to achieve it. And then I’ll be tempted to skip workouts, skip more. And I thought that if hypothetically I will not get there, everything will make a difference over time and will help me.

Stefania: How long before the marathon you decided?

Andrei: 3-4 months. I did not know what exactly entails, we looked programs “how to prepare for a marathon in three months” and it worked. Sounds like a scam to try to discover your potential, because it is unlimited. I do not think it’s someone who has reached end of life and said that it has reached its full potential, that has reached the limit. Limits are actually where they set us. If you think you will jump a meter, a meter jump. If you think you can jump 5 meters, you’re thinking how.

Stefania: people who have succeeded and have had successes beautiful big impact on the people we see so somehow up. I think each has potential in him in a certain area that can be extraordinary. Cm get over the prejudice that he “can not”?

Andrei: When you set a goal, start by doing what you can in the time. Then begins to grow. Set your targets increasingly larger. Ask yourself what you can do to succeed you reach your goal. Do not put labels from the beginning of this “I can not” because it’s too easy.

Stefania: You basically you out of your comfort zone when you decided to change something in your life. What are the benefits that you see now due to the end of your comfort zone? What have you gained?

Andrei: First I got some new habits that go with life. I say they are better habits: from waking up in the morning to learn some steps needed to achieve each goal. There are three steps that I applied and worked in different situations: the first is to dream, to see yourself in the context of future guy who seems nice. Then think the opposite: that would be -invers steps from B to A, which would help to achieve this objective. It helped me to plan this way: from B to A. When you plan A to B usually starts with an apology. And third: the simplest is to act, to comply with the plan.

Stefania: How to motivate yourself to respect this plan?

Andrei: With your clear picture of what you want to become more than a year say, and what benefits it brings. For example, you do not need to lose weight for the sake of losing weight. If you know this will bring confidence in yourself will increase your self-esteem, you’ll be able to see better, you will feel you better yourself. If this image is not strong or have a negative stimulus and do fear, it’s not viable. When your actions are in the negative, whether it’s frustration, hatred, envy, revenge, results will be in the same area. You can not have all the emotions in this area and expect to have results of prosperity, self-development, prosperity.

And then you have to go and actions in the area. If you want to live in harmony and have a good life, it is clear that your action has to be beautiful, to encourage harmony, encourage communication.

Stefania: In closing please tell me what success means to you?

Andrei: Not having a clear picture in his head of what we want to become, we relate to what is around us. We tend to compare ourselves with others. We survived because we lived in some communities. To make part of a “tribe” I wanted to be similar to those around us.

If you do not have clearly defined image of what we want to become, we will always compare with others and our goals will be in that sphere. We define success according to how others perceive it. When it is very clear image of what you want to become, you’ll report you to success as you are at that moment, compared to image.

I have many definitions of success. We need to think of all our plans: physical, mental, spiritual, professional, personal, all areas in which we behave, how much pleasure we think we generate, how much harmony, and define our success by their light. Obviously you can not define your success through the prism of a bank account.

To travel a lot. There are no travel in that you do not return richer to have that feeling that you have opened new horizons that see the world differently, as empathize more with people that see that people are basically the same.

The success I see him through the large number of blog readers: if what I write inspires so many people, people telling me that inspires. When you hear that someone has improved their lives because of you, gives you a fantastic energy and help you get over any obstacle would appear. We motivate each other.

It also means to feel fulfilled and I enjoy what I have in my life. You have some goals, but until there should be enjoying every day to have her life that day. Enjoying what you have, because many things are free and pass by them so … Until you lose, do not realize how important. Even so freedom we take, free of charge. But there are people in this world who do not enjoy freedom. Even the fact that we go, we’re healthy. We take health for granted and we mock it. We treat the body as a place in which we live.

For me the very best of health and bodily energy is equivalent wealth. I consider myself richer than someone who has more money than me, but is plagued by various ailments.

The greatest satisfaction I have since found out that I was no longer the man who two years ago and have evolved into a good direction. That is the greatest joy that can have. For those around you automatically go in the right direction.

Stefania: I noticed in the photos, in the videos with you all the time you are with the Romanian flag in hand.

Andrei: Romania must be defined once by man, then places. And the self-esteem of a nation is the sum of each individual’s self-esteem. I am glad that most times where banners, was not the flag of Romania, and through this show that it can and Romanians can, that’s the message. I believe that we are no above or lower than any nation on this planet, and I think we have enough examples in our history who have succeeded despite total unfavorable context. We do not have any excessive pride, nor to have an inferiority complex. I see myself as a citizen of this planet and traveling a lot, I confirmed this. With this flag I’m just trying to get things back to normal, ie to have a normal self-esteem. There will never hide that are novel. I say “I am a Roman.” There’s no pride nor shame. It is simply an understatement.

Andrea also found it here: http://andreirosu.me/ this is his blog.

And below you movie marathon at the North Pole in 2010, where they were minus 40 degrees. It is the coldest place on Earth where a marathon runs. At 24:54 min you will see and Andrew glad to finish this marathon.

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