Reading Time: 4 minutes[:en]One day I decided to get out paragliding. I had seen a movie about someone, it seemed very nice and I felt like I got to try something. After several months of watching movies, some friends went paragliding to fly, so I went and I with them.


Place where he was to fly in Brasov county, at Bunloc. Starting from Bucharest to Brasov, the thought excited me as I fly. And as we waited their turn there, I was all happy.

Joy gone and in its place came a lump in my throat when I went to lift brings us right up the hill, where “take off”. If so then try to tell me how beautiful and well let it be, when I got in the lift with another friend who was flying behind me, I started to look at each other and say the new NE afraid.

Sentiment quite normal: there never fly paragliding and I was somewhat and fear of heights. Until that moment, fear not made his “appearance”. It was a fear mixed with excitement, because if it were only fear, we certainly gave me fly. When I was finally honest with us and we recognized that we are afraid, after a few minutes state in this state of fear, I have recognized and accepted fear “instead of” I noticed how my body relaxed. I accepted and I fear that it is okay to be me, and at the same time have their place of enthusiasm and helped me move on. I learned a great lesson about fear then: to accept and admit that I fear. As their fear plays a part in my life: protects me in certain situations, but you should not let it dominate me.

Reached the top of the hill, he expects Cristi instructor with equipment, ready to fly.

I ask the instructor what I do so that things will normally tells me that all you have to do is run. I look around me. I was atop a hill. I had some notions about running slightly amused and ask: “Where to run?”. I thought he was joking. There were no allergic conditions. I was simply a hilltop where I looked I could see only the slopes. And he tells me: “Go down.” I say that I’ve never done it before, but for everything there is a beginning. Today I run from the top of a hill, down the slope. Good.

Even before we leave, a Ukrainian who had taken flight before me and doubted wing and entered into a tree. I looked a troubled look at my instructor and he really relaxat- tells me that it happens and such accidents likely come airflow more daring.

I just hope we do not get acquainted with the tree. As much as I like trees, I wanted to be not quite as good friends.

“Well, but I did not lose,” I say. I put my child seats, as I call it, which I supported and support which were attached safety belts, the trainer behind me and get ready to go. “Here goes to see fun!” I say.

1,2, 3 and Cristi started shouting: “Run, run, run.” I put up, ran on, down the slope, until you feel the ground under my feet, running even in the air because I knew how important it is to take off. At one point my peace and I realize that they are in the air and float. Another life.

Do not think it’s over here. I woke up in the air, a feeling unmatched indeed. One of the coolest experiences of my life. At 500 meters tall. I could not really believe what’s happening to me. I saw small houses small cars as ants, and I was hanging up there, several “threads” above anything underfoot nothing behind me a man I met a few minutes before.

I said I could not call it let me down was not too convenient for me. I enjoy the scenery, sensational, I was still afraid, but rejoice with all of it.

To relax even more, I began to sing his man, “I Believe I Can Fly”, I learned that he had been a computer programmer, quit this position, and now it was a mountain guide, ski instructor and paragliding.

After a while, I enjoyed travel and heating, a trend that raises you, but you and dizzy. If you decide to fly with the paraglider, my advice is do not eat before. Can be “accidents” because this term. This time I escaped.

The flight lasted about 25-30 minutes, as we neared the Earth is big homes, cars and people beginning to show. I am truly glad to feel again as a ground underfoot.

Cristi told me that the landing must now do the same thing: to run. But I do not really feel like I ran and I said this as I like to run all the normal people on level ground and in the air not so. I agreed with this suggestion, so I landed in the bottom. It was not even that bad landing. But I was lucky with the instructor as was experienced and it fell upon me.

As you will see the end of this movie, smile, so that means I liked it. I wonder when I repeat the experience. You know what they say: first do not consider that you have to get used to the status, with feeling.

I look forward to the next experience!



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