Reading Time: 3 minutes[:en]Who am I really?

What Is my purpose here on Earth?

How Did I get here, as they are now?

Why I feel lost / a?

What is wrong with me?

Why are unhappy / a?

There Is no way to pull this off?

The workshop will answer these questions, and others, questions that concern each one.

A means to find me find out who I really am.

Let’s leave aside who told me that I should be or who I think should be like to thank the others, I take responsibility for who you are and be happy with this.

Wanting to be loved and accepted as we are, we begin to conform to the wishes of the great, but also begin to lose ourselves.

When you give up the perception of others about us and learn to love and accept ourselves as we are, we go back home in our soul.

It is time to re-connect us with ourselves.

How would you find that you are perfect the way you are? As not have to change anything except the perception that you’re not good enough.

Come to a workshop to re-connect you with your highest self. Let’s find out who you really learn to accept yourself as you are now.

There is no greater joy and release that state creates an enormous soul.

Let’s find out who you really are is the most precious gift that you can do it in this life. Because once we made this “gift” really begin to live, not just exist.

We begin to enjoy life, experience for us.

In this workshop we learn to re-connect with our soul needs to ask what is, learn to listen.

What are we going to do:

We’ll talk, we’ll change the perception of who we thought we are and we will find out where these beliefs come

-Groups discussion about what each one bothers us

Us we connect to each other to receive support

Us we connect ourselves through meditation

We’ll release the blockages within ourselves through individual therapy

-exercitii of re-connection to who you really are

This workshop is for you if:

-Want to be authentic and not perfect

-Want to know who you really are

-Want to know yourself better

-Search guiding people who support you

You’re a man open, you like to leave you inspired, learn from others

-Want to connect with people like you, who want to discover himself

Who not addressing this workshop:

– People looking for “recipes” to live by in life

-oamenilor will look someone other than who they are

-oamenilor who want to look good in front of others

-The who think they know everything and have nothing left to learn

-oamenilor lack of morality, ethics or integrity

-oamenilor lack of common sense, who do not care for others

-oamenilor not interested in themselves


With Stefania Zoican, founder site. Stefania gave up a few years ago to a comfortable life in order to find happiness, to find. He went on his own way and rediscover themselves through other people, through art, through their own experiences.

“I think everyone has a way of or need to follow no matter what others say. This road is part of who we are, realistically. When we find ourselves starting to assemble the puzzle pieces of our lives. People began to emerge to support us, they reconnect with loved ones, we begin to discover the passion in us, that passion starts to spread our lives in everything we do, including in the work they submit. Everything becomes easier, smoother. We started doing everything with joy.

Life is a journey. We need to open to experiences not, the people we begin to make room in our lives for good. ”

More about Stefania:

Adriana Mirea – therapist. Adriana was director of sales and gave up this position because her soul felt it was not there. Now organizes groups of meditation and therapy.

“The subconscious mind is called adesesa subjective. He perceives reality through intuition. It is the seat of emotions and memories. The mind subjectively manifested most strongly when the mind is passive objective. What this means? When you sleep or deep meditative state we are in, the subconscious is very active.

Conscious and unconscious must work in parallel. I mean what you think on a conscious level daily print subconsciously.

“All that we are is the result of what we thought” -Buddha

It is very important to change our way of thinking.

Visualization is a powerful exercise that puts your subconscious to work. Visualization is the key to fulfillment of desires. What you need to do is to allocate some time every day to enter a deep state of relaxation. ”

More about Adriana:


Tuesday 18 March 2014, from 19.00 to 22.00.

Your investment: 50 lei.

Registrations by email:
number of seats is limited and will be reserved place only on the basis of submissions by mail.

Please leave us like mail and your phone number to give you details about the location.

You’re welcome and joy, with open mind and soul! 🙂

Stefan & Adriana[:]

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