Reading Time: 7 minutes[:en]A year ago, I started a night with a girlfriend Laura, downtown. Saturday was beautiful outside and I feel both of output. It was quite late and looking for a car to take us to the center.

As we were walking on the sidewalk and talking to one another, suddenly I hear a meow. I speak as I find. True, I could not hear very loud. After a few minutes, meowing repeated, this time more tare.Nu know what to do, so I went to talk to Laura.

After a few meters, we stop a taxi station in order to take the car to get to the center, as we had planned. Mew sounds again, this time louder. It sounded across the street from where we were in the bushes. A cat meow small, helpless. That breaks your soul mew of pain and that makes them jump in aid, whatever.

I do pity and tell Laura to stand still. I ask her if she hears this mew. I say no. I reply, there sure is a cat who needs help. So leave Laura and I head in that place. She surprised that I started so suddenly to the location, follow me.

I enter the bushes where he could hear the sound and see a kitten huddling, which looked at me scared. Little of everything, I think it was about three weeks. Dau bush on one side, and she takes the healthy cross the street for blocks. I get her, Laura me. Cat trying to climb through the bars of a block of my fear and I fear her out and throw her clothes. I was afraid not to hurt. I wonder how such a midget has so much courage and so fiercely.

The coat all take in his arms, watching my girlfriend, she at me and asked: “And now what ?!”

I could not leave him there, the area was full of dogs.

Going out and leave everything and go away to my house, sitting very close. We get home, I go in the balcony because it was dirty. I give blankets, food, water and let it settle. The next day, I go in fear of him, open the door slightly. I imagined seeing it the night before so fierce that he would attack me, then it will turn into Batman and will take flight through the window. I’m kidding of course, but I was cautious in respect of the shriveling.

She sees me, he looked at me with fear, I fear him.

I talk to my girlfriend what to do with him. It was not a solution to get him back. I searched the area and I had not seen no cat there. You may have been thrown by someone. And as I wrote, there were many dogs. So it is attacked by one.

I decide to take care of him for a while until he found a master.

I go to a specialty store, take them food, shampoo, give mobile vet to find out how ingijeste. Cat I had not before, so I do not know how to take care of him. The cat was actually tomcat. He told the vet.

I give to eat, wash it, he still scared. When I washed in the sink in the bathroom, sat coiled on my hand. Involuntarily, I think that when you fear your whole body is tense. So it is in humans.

I try to be as gentle with him, not scare him even more. Il lead again on the balcony, where blankets, but leave the door open to the room as he wants to penetrate.

Over the next two days everything was scared. Besides the bathroom, does not want to do anything forcing you what does not. I have to get food, water, you go to him, I talk slowly as if man, in a low voice.

In one of the evenings, I’m going to give him food again, I look after him, he nowhere. Looking in all the balcony, nothing. I wondered where they could be. May ransacked the balcony again, too. Tomcat unavailable. The room had no way to go as it would be seen. My mind could not grasp where to be poked. Just looked everywhere. It comes to mind the image of Batman and flying glass. Could it be true ?!

I think he’ll go out somewhere. After an hour I hear mieunand. I enter the balcony and found it behind a box, not something I imagine it would fit there. I out and put it back on the blanket, as if nothing had happened. Actually nothing happens, right ?! Only I was both scared.

Comes to mind: kitten taught me, unwittingly, it means tolerance.

The following day, I see my still quiet, as if he is not there yet aware of it.

After another two days, I see the balcony door, took two steps into the room. He sees me. Peewee looked at me with his big, shaggy all because shampoo. I stop what I’m doing and watch it. He looked at me. He say something, zbugheste back balcony. “That’s one began, I say. A good one.”

Next day, makes heart again, and this time make more steps in the room. Do not put him in mind, when I’ll be ready between him more. To attract him, she agate next door with a rope to play at its end tie a bundle of paper. So I played with kittens coming in vizitain weft mother when I was little. I say as I put it to him, but only so as to be there a rope. It fooled and comes occasionally to play with strings. By chance go by string and fret and more to arouse him. True, I eat and pielicica me and I feel like playing. But tell me not to lose my patience is the case with him.

IACA, he likes! It comes from increasingly often to play with string. Slowly, get more room and begins to investigate. Cautious, but brave. When it comes to the middle of the room, give it to a cow that smotoceasca. Begin to trust me and accept cow, which begins to terfeleasca in every way possible.

After a week already and make friends more salt in my bed. The climb my books on the pillow next to me asks for his place in bed. Cling to wires, perches on piano rolls with my pajamas, sit nicely at the pictures, playing with flowers in vase, foolishly. “Lo and behold, I became friends.”

Next the cat stayed with me was interesting. Out with friends in town, do not stay long, I would tell them that I have a cat at home and have to get to it. I was welcome to come home to her. What good is to have a good company home! And if playful, the more beautiful.

I know I can not keep her, so take pictures and give them ad on facebook. Rog “cat room” to help me with the promotion. I had 400 sites share the ad! Wow! Next week I made the centralist. Who is calling me we take the interview: Tell me about yourself, you had cats, what conditions you home, what are your plans for the future, etc. Of all the people who called me, I chose a girl .. tell me that had a cat that had kidney problems that made it, but I have not pututu be saved and that he suffered very long after it. If you suffer, it means that she really cared. I love the girl gives me a good feeling when I talk to her on the phone.

I tell him that I agree to give it, and she says she will come to take him a few days. During this time calling me a few dozen people, I tell them that I gave the cat. Of these , it has left a girl in mind. The phone had a very calm voice when I spoke peace.

Of course this time I had doubts and remorse that I give. I get attached to pee and I enjoy being around him.

I felt however that his place is not near me, so I followed my intuition.

The few days pass, and the girl who wanted to take him, he calls me and tells me that he can not to wear it. You have to leave the country for two months. I resigned and I think they’ll find someone else.

I comes to mind face with calm voice. I had kept in mind the last two digits of the phone number, call and ask if the kitten is interested. Follow the usual interview and tell her to piss qualified.

The girl called Adriana. It was in Constanta and tells me I have to keep a tomcat week then comes and takes it. Not sorry for that, I’m really glad. Meanwhile alone and tells me that he already took the food from the best and can not wait to see.

Approaching day in question: they have to break up with him and it’s hard. I are meeting with Adriana near my block. I’ll take the piss in your arms, leave the house and I turn to lift. On the way, not anymore and I start crying. Pisi he feels and begin to jerk in my arms. Il squeeze a little harder and tell her to be well. Until the meeting place, my tears flowed Siro, and I do not care that people are passing me and looked only complaint.

Outside it was very hot, I red in the face, crying and disheveled in a blue summer dress. So I present to Adriana.

I meet her look with understanding at me, I smile, I give the kitten and start crying even more. I can say that when I come to visit at any time of day or night. It understands what it means to have a cat. Ii locals said that I do not understand what it means to have a cat, I’ve never had and never understand why complain now, but that cry.

Started to tell me, his words pour a lot, like to watch breakup. After 20 minutes we split and I was calmer because I like the face and I knew it was in good hands. The next day talking on the phone and tells me how it behaves pee. It was pretty scary at first, but now is relaxed, and the investigating eating place.

Set a day to go visit. When I went to Adriana and the new home of pee, I had a little heartedly did not know how to be, but when they start talking to her and playing with the kitten, I realize that she is well there. As there is his house from now on.

I get home, talk again on the phone tells me that he liked me he would like to keep in touch. I marvel that I said those words, just when I had first seen was disheveled and crying all the heat. I say that and it gives me a good feeling and I agree to maintain contact.

Not only have I kept in touch, but we remained good friends and we have a great connection.

Talking to Adriana, we realized that we have many things in common.

She recently moved in Bucharest, he was director of sales and unsubscribe that no longer found him. Now reflex massage and therapy.

He is a man deeply interested in self-knowledge, but primarily when I think about it, I can think it is a very warm and understanding.

Whenever we needed it was there for me, and I appreciate the thing for which I am grateful.

I’m glad I followed my intuition that I found the piss and I got home. Thanks to him I learned what tolerance, to be more patient, how good it is to have someone cute and playful home to which to return the love. Because I allowed his feelings to manifest, as is natural. Thanks to him I met a wonderful man, Adrian.

Some things happen that need to happen.

Now piss his name is Pi and is very happy with Adriana, who loves much. We meet quite often, my dear and I am glad that he is so good.

If you want to know the Ady better, she writes on her personal blog:

“Heal yourself by love”[:]

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