One day I decided to go to a free hugs event

Reading Time: 3 minutes[:en]This is a true story that I didn’t tell. Until now.

One day I decided to go to a free hugs event. It wasn’t just one one day. It was Valentine’s day. The day when you are suppose to give and receive love. As I see this love, we all should be in love, we all should receive love. We all should give love. We all should feel loved. Not just by one person, but by many people.

So I decided to go to this free hugs event. An event organized by someone who organizes a free hugs event in every country he goes. I was very excited. I love hugs and I feel very loved and full when I receive a nice, true hug. I mean a true hug is a hug when you feel secure, you feel cuddled, you feel nice and warm inside, you feel contained. Like in a nest.

We were 4 in total. At first we were very joyful and excited. We wanted to give hugs to everybody. Some people didn’t know why we went with open arms to them, some people were backing up at first but then they were accepting our hugs, some people were saying no. Saying no it is also ok. We should learn to accept people’s decisions even if this doesn’t make us happy. You cannot love somebody if this person doesn’t want to.



Most of the people were enthusiastic about these hugs. I’ve heard many saying: “Oh, this was so good. I needed it.”

But there was one hug that impressed me the most. If at the beginning we were giving our hugs at Unirii, after a while we decided to go at Universitate. Moha -who is in my right in the picture, said: “I want to give hugs to older ladies, because they need them more.”



While we were at Universitate, giving hugs to people who were passing by, after some time I see Moha giving a hug to a 60-70 old lady. She was carrying a big bag, like those you use for the market, long coat, a bit dirty. She looked like a homeless person or a very poor woman. I saw the expression on her face. She was very surprised, she freezed while being hugged. She clearly didn’t expected that. When she realized she was hugged, she start crying.

I went to them and asked what happened. She said in Romanian, with tears in her eyes: “Thank you very much for the hug. Nobody hugged me in the last 15 years.” She was so grateful. So sad to hear that she didn’t feel how good is to be hugged. Hearing that my tears also came out and I went to her and gave her a big hug. And everybody came and we made a group hug. The 4 of us we were all hugging that lady.

After few hours of free hugging we wrap up the event. In only few hours we could see and feel different kind of people. Open, distant, cold, affective, loving, caring, sensitive. And we accepted all as they were.

Us, 4, we had one thing in common, after getting close to so many people and feeling how nice is to be in the “nest”: we felt HAPPY.

The end of my true story.




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