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I met Chris as do all people: here and there. I was not going to write about it, but once we started to talk and get to know, I realized that has an interesting story worth shared with others.

Chris, aged 43, is a tall man. And I have a considerable height, but he is tall. It has two meters and four centimeters. Rarely happens to me watching a man up, to hurt my neck of how likely is the head.
In addition to being tall is massive blond hair a bit long. Not much, Shoulder only. Bring a little Australian surfer.

Like the character is a gentle man, a good energy, focused and determined. It has a walk slowly, quietly. It seems in no hurry anywhere. Neither would have where only is holiday.

He lived in America until a few years ago when, snap decided to move to Bangkok, Thailand.


But let’s start at the beginning. Chris was a successful man in America. Lui- had a house which is high even at her work, most people have mortgages on the house. He had a car and your own business. Travel around the world with groups of tourists who went diving.

You might say it had everything. But do not take. Lacks inner peace. Even when going to sink in some extraordinary places where others just dream to go, he still was not happy.
He was angry all the time. If tourist wanted to go with him on a journey and he does not like him, do not receive. Or if someone said something that bothered him, I gave out the door.
I found out later that his father had been violent with him and his family here could most probably his anger.

Everything changed in 2013 when he went with a group of tourists in the Philippines in one of the most beautiful places submerged. He managed to sink two days but on the third day had a small accident to his right ear. Doctors said they no longer allowed to sink in that trip. And he had the state still nine days in the Philippines! He had come there only to sink.

The first day was furious, and after these two days had to accept the situation because he had no choice. Or have. He could choose to sit sulking or to explore other possibilities.Fortunately chose the second option. He began to walk through the hotel in that state.Normally it would have been in the room or in a bar, but something told when to go to walk. He got to know the local people and talk to them. He told the hotel manager that he only wants a guide, who shows his surroundings.


The day got called user, and this led him to know the places around. He began to spend more time talking with him and learned that he has a family that goes home once a week because the road is very long- hotel two hours away. Because of this, during the week he lives somewhere nearby. His salary was 115 euros per month.

Yet this man was full of energy and joy, he was happy. He says he is happy because he has family that still has a job, is healthy, he can know so many people come from all over the world. This man was the one who was going to change his life forever Chris. And not because doing something, but by way of being.

At the time Chris and realized that although he has it all, is not happy. Moreover, he was angry all the time, nothing suited him. I kept saying: “Before I was ashole year.”   Meaning: “Before I was a jerk.”



And she meets this man, his guide, although making so little money and was away from the family, it was good.

While this event in my life story, I thought, “This is how an event that seemed disastrous at inceput- that he could not dive for the rest of the vacation turned into something good.Here’s how a man came by chance in your life, your life can change TIE. And they should not do anything. Just be. ”

Rest vacation and spent with locals, tourists, went hiking. At the end of 11 days, he had to return to the United States. But he met someone who asked him to go to Bali a week in Thailand and then another 12 days. Proposal that the aaceptat it.

After Thailand returned home and announced to family and friends as they sell everything and move to Thailand. They took it as other than … shocked. But of course after a while came and acceptance.

“The truth is that I always wanted to live in a country like Thailand. Initially I think of Bali, but it is too commercial. It seems that my trip to the Philippines was decisive for my fate. It was time to make the changes that I actually wanted me too long. ”

When I met Chris just came from Bulgaria. After a several-day visit to Bucharest, was to go in Transylvania. I told him a little about us, about the places you can see, about our traditions. He was excited to discover our country.

After Romania I listed a few other countries that had planned to go. The whole trip would last two months. And it would end with a volunteer who was in Africa to make it to a reserve. As a volunteer you need to help care for lions, tigers, zebras, etc. This volunteer had been paying EL. I think that goes there for the experience. What experience!
In 2016 and aims to reach the other 28 countries.

I asked him where he got income. Some have to pay these trips, to have a roof over your head, eat.
He said he has the money from the sale of homes, cars, businesses. As has pensie- have business before the sufundari had been a cop. After an event had been shot and could not practice, therefore he retired. I looked at him stunned. The story as if talking about someone else or told me in a movie sequence.
Besides these revenues, writes articles for several publications on best diving spots, writes about his travels.


The things arrange finally as it is better for us. Even if a situation seems at first unacceptable, it can turn into something positive. We can change life for the better. Importantly let ourselves be guided to accept the change that comes to embrace. I wished farewell to Chris and who knows, maybe we’ll meet again. Somewhere. Sometime.

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