Reading Time: 7 minutes[:en]Bernd Knappe I met at a dance class, contact improvisation, in which I participated out of curiosity, a friend recommended it to me. I liked the course, but I liked and teacher. Bernd was the teacher. The German nationality, wander around the world to teach contact improvisation courses.

I liked him maturity, passion and professionalism teach. I’ve been talking a little break and I said I wanted to know him better, so I invited him to an interview.

It was still hot outside when we met us. We’ve seen at a cafe where we enjoyed a delicious latte, then went to the park, we sat on a bench and talked for several hours. The conversation was a relaxed, friendly, occasionally funny squirrels and our children playing in the park.

I spoke with Bernd English, and he agreed to publish the article in Romanian.

Bernd is a warm man, sensitive, detached, but grounded in reality. Watching him, what he feels, what is going on, and is interested in evolution. I asked how he started his professional life, but we talked about how he sees life in general and how to up until now.

I learned that contact improvisation is professor and architect. He built his own house in Germany, where he lives now. It has several guest rooms and come and sit on it for a longer period of time people art. People dancing, theater people, people who sing.

At 52 years she has gone through many changes and talk about them detachment. He was a painter and jazz musician. He was not only likes change, but a search and it seems natural. He talked about professional changes in his life with such naturalness and passed from one to another very quickly.

It was never committed, it was always freelancer. He says the same things you do all the time is boring.

For a man so flexible we can learn. Most people are afraid of change, and sometimes indulging in a seemingly hopeless situation. Change is natural and each of us can go in that direction he wants, whenever it wants.

We talked about all these changes, and how will talk to the baby inside to find out their needs.


Bernd: At the age of 27 I had my first child and 29 the second. I became interested in constructing a safe place for children and thought of a way to earn money. Along with the children’s mother we started painting paintings sell them on the market.

At first, the mother of my children paint pictures and I sell them. After a while I started to paint and I even had success. Paintings were mild in music called such works “Slag music”. And they were simple, I could not call myself an artist, but painted the living from it.

I painted for 5 years, after which we were not interested, my mind was blank.

It happens to discover something that I like doing, go deep in this and we discover, learn how to do, I am successful and I lose interest after a while.

After I realized I was no longer interested I became a musician. Jazz singer.

Stefania: Wait, wait. When you’ve changed so suddenly and so radically?

Bernd: From age 14 make music, sing in a jazz band on drums, but not in a professional manner.

So I decided to go to the next level. We sing in the pub on Sunday, when people go to have lunch or evening in a club.

I did this for a long time and still practice this craft.

Meanwhile I studied architecture and became architect.

Stefania: When you study architecture?

Bernd: After painting phase. It was my second college. The first was that of psychology and pedagogy.

Stefania Aha. You made so many changes and it seems so easy for you.

Bernd: In Germany we say they are a “maha”, a man who “do”. I have never been employed, I had no one to tell me what to do and who gives me money for it. I was always free lancer.

Stefania: Actually you would not ever be hired.

Bernd: I thought that as long as find a way to be my own master, I do not need anyone else.

Stefania: Why is it important for you not to be engaged?

Bernd: To have more freedom. They find simple ways to earn money and live better. I always choose jobs where I have more free time I prefer to earn money and then periods when they do not earn money period, but have time for other things in my life.

At 33 I started architecture projects, and at 44 I learned about contact improvisation.

I built my own home, where I have many guest rooms. Wine many theater actors and live there a few months after leaving. I assure you that is not boring at my house, yet it is not train station, where people come and go.

When I want something, I think about how I organize uses and so to have him. I never understood people who expect God to give. I’d like to have the initiative to go to that thing. I am therefore a “maha”, a man who “do”. I do not wait. I create when I want, I go to work or decide that we did not need it. “We really need that thing?” Is a question I ask myself all the time.

Stefania: So you became an architect and jazz at the same time. When you decide to do contact improvisation?

Bernd: I was influenced by my guests who came home. They were all people who make art. At one point came a dance company and I became friends with one of the dancers. Dansa contemporary dance and contact improvisation not never danced. The funny part is that this friend of mine hatred contact improvisation. I did not like the feeling of being in contact with someone.

I started a workshop contact improvisation with this friend and a contact teacher. I was a beginner who had no clue about any contact and I do not work with my body again. 6-7 houses were built and physically strong, I had muscles. Since then lost 10 kilos and many things have changed once I became aware of my body.

In fact many things have changed. I quit judge the world and especially I gave up judging me. I became more aware of what was happening around me. And that does not mean everything is perfect, another judge, but not in a way to break me. I have opinions about things that are good or bad, but I was most interested to know what it is. And then I wonder if it is good or bad, if you help me or not, I should go ahead to do this or I stop.

Because everything is there and has the right to exist. Maybe I want to change one thing into something better, but above all, just there. Both.

Stefania: How thought before these changes?

Bernd: Judge more. Like I was in a corset and feel safe. And as long as I was in this “tool” I was a prisoner in an open way and away from fear because I was “safe”. But it is a high price to pay and that of not knowing what is happening. Catalog every thing that happens that is good or bad, if it makes me feel safe or not.

We started talking about how he came to see Bernd things in a certain way far different from what we see before.

I learned to work with my inner child. And it is a method that I recommend to all. First accept what it is and then begin dialogue with my inner child: “Oh, do not like this person? Why do you like this person? What do you say? “This continues the dialogue. At the end of this dialogue I realize that this person reminds me of something out of me that you do not see or that we reject.

This method gives me the opportunity to become more aware. I want to become more sensitive about my feelings, my inner child to hear her voice. And then we have the opportunity to act like a parent friendly, I give attention, to ask him what he needs, what he wants, how can I help, how to find a solution for it, or I can as a bad parent Let’s say he has nothing to say, shut up, to go to bed. I like becoming more friendly to be the adult.

The child may be friendly, is afraid to say that a certain person, a situation, he is afraid of the future, or begin to shout like ice cream and if not given the screaming, crying. The latter is a happy child. When I say I want ice cream is a symbol. Actually I do not know what I need and I can only listen and ask my inner child who truly needs. Started talking to him, inquire whether to walk in a certain place, it is a suitable time, or to go tomorrow. So I had a nice conversation with the child.

Awareness raising work is similar to working with the inner child.

The adult in charge of you is that you give it time inner child listening to them and taking care of his needs, taking care not to injure themselves when playing.

Working with your inner child and work helped me with anger. Before being angry I find the answer to stop being angry.

Being angry is not bines were bad, it is simply a feeling like any other. Like everybody to be relaxed and belly full?

We feel alive when we are angry. In history there have been times when an entire society was angry to make a better world. It seems to be a need to be angry. After living this state find a solution.

And when your inner child is angry, you do not mean it would not be angry. Be interested in finding out why your child is angry inside. Most often you find why you’re angry, but in reality is a completely different reason.

Stefania: How do you find the real reason?

Bernd: You are not alone. You can talk to friends you trust. To see a different perspective. Or someone who just listens and speaking bring out what really bothers you.

After I ended the discussion about the inner child, I kept thinking about the changes they made over the years and I’m still amazed naturalness with which he spoke about them. He said that when you make these changes, is preparing the ground before. As he called it “soft landing”. I liked the term in English.

Note first that it is not interested in a particular area and start to move toward something else. The fact that it is and architect and dancer takes up a lot of time, especially as he travels around the world to contact improvisation workshops. It is very important presence in what it does. I mean when you build houses, only deals with this, and when I teach dance classes thinking is there. He wants to teach very well, so that people understand and want to transmit his passion for dance. No wants to be better than anyone else, wants to be better than himself, better than it was yesterday.[:]

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