Reading Time: 4 minutes[:en]I met Philip in one of my summer vacations, somewhere in Retezat. Specifically for meat, at an altitude of 1000 meters. Meat is a place, like many others in Romania, absolutely wonderful. Far from civilization, full of greenery and fabulous scenery, quiet, fresh air, the beautiful people and great moments from them. It is ideal place where you recharge the batteries that power, which look bad ones and remember how beautiful Romania.

P8180281De la Carnic se urca spre lacul Bucura, pe un traseu de aproximativ 9 ore si spre Cabana Pietrele , care se afla cam la jumatatea drumului intre Carnic si lac.

From meat Enjoy the climb to the lake, a route of about 9 hours and to Pietrele, which is about halfway between the meat and the lake.

Here you can find accommodation at a hostel (there are about 2-3 zone) or tent. I stayed in a tent a few days. I wanted to feel the ground beneath me and I connect to the energy of the morning, when you head out of the tent, I saw a beautiful landscape with trees and mountain peaks.

In one day, with my friends, I decided to go to the Enjoy. We returned later to meat in the evening, tired after 9 hours of ascended and descended. Host camping site, Doina, an extraordinary woman, she greeted us with fresh blueberries and a campfire where people had gathered in camping, to say we were ten in number.

Sitting around the camp fire and trying to stretch my legs, I noticed some new arrivals. We were there for about 4 days now. I was up the house, as they say. One of the newcomers spoke with Mrs. Doina in Romanian. We see that he is a foreigner speaking our language pretty hard. At one point he approached me and started the conversation. Domna Doina introduced me to her conversation partner: Philip of Germany. Specifically in Berlin. I stayed and talked with him for hours, even after host campers went to bed. I remember that I left feeling like I can not sleep. Was any 1-2 night when I turned to the “bed” my.

Philip was a man warm, pleasant. He spoke calmly and slowly sat down. Although not mastered very well Romanian, clung to speak in this language because he wanted to improve his level. When not know how to pronounce a word I say it in half and then she let me keep going because he was not sure that would be the sequel of the word.

She told me that comes from 12 years in Romania in August on vacation. Sta two weeks and then return to Germany. Winter and a place in the Canary Islands. Most often she came to flesh, but had gone to other places in Romania and knew quite well. Mrs. Doina befriend and meet to tell what each has done over the year.

The job was webdesigner and had his own business.

He liked in Romania because appreciate wilderness places. In Germany he said, everything was systematic and controlled.

They loved people and that they were so welcoming.

On the day I left we exchanged email addresses. He and his girlfriend climbed Lake Enjoy, and we descended, we wanted to visit other places.

P8210580 (1)In the photo above, on the right is Philip, then I Bogdan and Laura, my friends, and his friend Philip. The last day together. They were preparing to climb to the lake Enjoy, we descend.

Philip advised us what places to go and in what order, so as to be effective and see how many beauties. I no longer had come through Retezat and caught me good to anyone guide me. From the way he spoke about Romania it was revealed that he liked very much here with us.

What he did not understand was why the Romans do and why so much misery wherever he throw garbage. Well, I could not say anything because that’s not good either.

From Philip I realized again how beautiful is our Romania. Others would like to come to live here. I like so much that choose to come here to relax. Do you go on holiday than go someplace nice, right?

Phillip is the only foreigner whom I met and who is in love with Romania. In it are many others. I like places, people, food. If we appreciate even half of what these people appreciate the beauty of this country, I think we would have much more respectful and more protective of her. Learn to live in harmony with nature that surrounds us.

I understand that Romania is our home and we must take care of it for us is good that the new departure.


                                                      Enjoy Lake

If you’ve met foreigners who love our country, I would like to told me a comment here below.


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