Reading Time: 2 minutes[:en]Between November 24 to December 1, 2013 oameni-frumosi.ro created a free positive affirmations that will help us to be more aware of our thoughts and words, replace them with positive ones on the negative, thus attracting positive experiences our life.

For seven days you will receive the mail every day, one positive affirmation, explained so that you understand what negative beliefs replaces this statement.

The statements will relate to different aspects of life you our: health, love, money, fear, etc., and will be accompanied by a set of exercises that put them into practice so as to replace old limiting beliefs with new ones, constructive.

Affirmations are phrases we think or speak them. Any thought that we have and every word he uttered is an affirmation that. Consciously or not, we apply the statements in our lives constantly.

By our words and thoughts, we all create our life experiences, we attract to us.

A statement is the starting point on the path of change.

Practicing positive affirmations is the conscious choice of beautiful words that help us to eliminate a negative situation in our lives and create a new positive situation.

Many people emit negative statements:

– “Not good enough”
– “Can not”
– “do not know”
– “no merit”
– “There are beautiful / beautiful”
– “How stupid are”
– “I am alone / a”
– “Nobody loves me

These statements do well and we are not constructive for us. They are small, helpless and do not help us at all to take the right decisions for us.

Ongoing dialogue we carry inside and it represents an uninterrupted string of allegations. Based on this dialog, you can see the results in our lives.

It is time to change these negative statements with positive ones, to help us in life, give us courage, to make us stronger.

We learn astefel us scgimbam way of thinking, followed by the duration of the program to be able to create our own affirmations and positive thoughts.

The program is free, registration follows below until the date of November 22, 2013.

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