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Reading Time: 9 minutes[:en]Andrei Tudose I met earlier at a seminar on public speaking. Since then I found a man sociable, creative, open, with sense of humor. I’m glad I met again after a few years and especially glad that it is here, the beautiful people.

After graduation he went to Gemany and worked as System Administrator at Vodafone, IT Department, the Billing. There he became the best in what she was doing so good that at some point the system fell down, and all Vodafone’s he expecting the problem is fixed.

After a while, there would be an exchange of experience among Vodafone Vodafone Germany and England, and among all the people who worked there, one man, one Romanian and one was Andrew, was selected to go to England in the exchange. After this exchange was to return to Germany to tell them what he saw Germans there.

He thought fulfilled and that is living the dream, but instead to celebrate these successes in his soul was empty.

He decided it was time to return to Romania. Here he was associated with someone was Partner Manager, have 40 employees have meetings in other large companies at the highest level to present the products we have. success but still felt that void.

He said “stop” took a year break, during which he allowed to experiment.

Two years started Delivering Life, a project full of creativity, innovation, originality, near his heart and people. In Delivering Life organizes events such as water sprinklers, Ras subway, at (passage) pedestrian. Life Delivering goal is to remove people from routine and restore their wellbeing.

When you start this journey when you start something from the heart and you know it’s part of you, good things start to happen, you become the right people together and support you. And begin to grow with your projects, with the people who are part of them.

So a man who dressed in a suit, a business-man, who had meetings at the highest levels, has dropped all the money at all positions to be happy and to turn in discovering themselves, to It was on it as true and to find out what really likes to do. Because, as he says, he realized that IT was the dream of his parents, not his. He took it from the beginning not once, but twice. We have to learn from this man.

Andrei: I was born into a family that was expected and that all children have come with a baggage of qualities when you’re young you look, everything goes well until the exit out of the house: Beginner go to kindergarten, to school. Those are the moments when you confront society works system. Although we are all so different, our education system measured by the same standards that unfortunately society is made to learn to survive is not going to create excellence.

All children must look the same: dressing in the same uniform, after you measure the same things, according to the same notes, the same subjects you’re not supposed to show who you are. You have to learn certain things. School is a competition, the company is a competition and this is the dumbest because the competition just makes one win and Suissa ii inflated ego that he is the only and the other 99 are those who remain frustrated are stupid, all life must come from spaces in which they have succeeded.

For me school was a systematic framework in which we learned that is not good enough, because you get to be good at something and then you’re comparing with another who performed better on another matter.

My goal in life is to be better than others, but to be better than me. And I see this 30-something, after I struggled to be the best in stuff.

After I graduated I wanted to become a System Administrator because I wanted to be like my uncle. I arrived in Germany and after 4 years, 27 years, I was where I wanted: I worked at Vodafone in Germany, even in their headquarters in Dusseldorf, I was system administrator in The Department of IT Billing, the most important application of their. At one point I realized that my dream has come true. I thought I did.

After a while the boss came to me and told me that is an exchange of experience with Vodafone of England and need to send someone there, and he proposed me me to go. At that moment I thought that I, Andrei from Romania, I will go to England and come back to explain how things are Germans. From my point of view was the best.

But it was quiet. I was expecting to be fireworks in the sky, just like me was empty. It was a feeling that resembled “Ok, so, and ?!”

Why? Because I chose something that I had been served. The fact that my dream, my dream was in small percentage. The highest percentage was my parents’ dream that a child told me that I have to go IT that this is the future. The computer is the future. The company that teaches us that it’s good to be in a company, being a man who leads most people, affect more people in a certain way.

There’s a lot of information that you receive them and that they identify as your own, you identify yourself with your desires.

And in that moment of silence I asked what job I have with computers. I am a man who likes to talk to people, I like to live, to be in nature, to feel life, and I spent 10 hours a day at the computer and I am happy when I call I do not know what officer on duty at 3 am that fell not know what server. I thought all the Vodafone stand behind me; if I do not fix this, crack. It’s cool sensation is beautiful, but not me. It’s my dream. How to be happy with that?

Together with my wife, who was still in Germany, we decided to go back. We entered the area of ​​business development. I mean that certain technical solutions specialist, was in the area for sale. Educators learn what the market storage solutions and buying them. It was very nice. We discuss with top management to convince large companies that need storage solutions. But still there was nothing “out there”.

In my heart I knew that I returned to Romania to start my business. After about 3 years, 30 years, I joined in an IT company. I was Partner Manager, had 40 employees, my business started with stuff that I thought. I had that feeling again that I succeeded. But still I do not feel mine.

I decided to take my free days a year in which veam no idea what to leave in which to spend time with me to see what is there. I knew that I liked are things that are a creative person. Creativity is expressed in many ways, but to me it was creativity together with people.

I said I want to create something that can have a positive impact in the lives of other people. Then I created Delivering Life. About 2 years ago, at the beginning of 2012.

I realized that I live my life in the past or in the future, never the present. One thing I sought was little to make me feel better, and this meant that those around me feel good.

And I said I want to create this connection, that the world can feel good. Because when you feel good then you are now, you are here, you open your eyes to others and to yourself.

I wrote my friends and told them to create some events that interrupts this routine in which people stuffing us and give them the opportunity to feel good. And so we started to make the (passage) pedestrian Rasul in metro, water sprinklers and so on.

On crosswalk for example, are there in your head, you have no business. You know when it stay red when it’s green pass. When the pass, starts some music and start dancing. Of course it is ridiculous, it’s absurd, it’s crazy, did you seek that out there, but when you can interrupt the man. When you bring something that is broken completely out of context.

If man is aware that street past his free time, he can rejoice with you is not stressful time ala he had to get somewhere.

I do not want to reach the end of life and say I’m sorry that I did that. I prefer to say that we tried something out and I did not.

Between two boxers, which is the difference between the winner and the loser? The difference is that the winner is the one who rises once more over the other. I do not believe a thing I miss. One thing I miss is a new beginning. You can start that thing again.

Stefania: There are many people who fear failure.

Andrei: Normal and me afraid of failure.

I noted to myself: I want certain things and I wish them great clarity and vision. I am a very visual. But I realized that I wish too that things happen in a certain way, so I allowed the project to live and he that is to give it life, me not bother to keep my my vision is good to have a direction in which to go directly, but it is essential to let the project grow by itself, to grow organically, to be the one that gives you ideas.

At my events I was too in control. At this point there, but an observer. And when you are there at the event as an observer can run a lot of other ideas.

I also found a difference to me is me. Two formulations: they want this project or want to leave me out this project. One is actually to get the project. There is your ego. When I changed and I said “I want to go out this project” when I was in this space, I saw many more things that happen there and they did not see.

If you create space for people to feel good, things go without saying.

I started talking then about a meeting at the restaurant he had with his father and they talked for the first time seriously about the changes they made Andrei in his life. Follow one of the important lessons we need to learn them alive: that of taking responsibility for what we do.

Andrei: I went with my dad to the table. I ate afternoon and asked me how I was doing that asks colleagues.

“And you ashamed to say you do matale boy.” I tell him.

And my dad says, “Yes.”

I replied: “Dad, I understand, I understand perfectly. But you know that your problem is if you tie ashamed of what I do. For me right now I like everything I do, even though it may seem broken time. I’m 38 years old and I go and laugh in the metro. I’m a father, I have two children, are husband and go laugh in the metro. It’s totally bogus. ”

Make an aside and tells me.

I remember a work control class XI, the mathematics teacher who was also our teacher, two issues very heavy, making them 10 mark those two children and three others who were with him meditations. Both.

At one of the watch works on problems and I do not know how I came. Over two weeks when brought work, DIRIG, math teacher finally left my work and asked me how I solved the problems. I was ashamed to say that we made there. I said that I had taken home by mistake. Do you realize what space we live in school if I get to be ashamed of it.

I told my father: “Dad, right now, I can say that I am not ashamed of what I do. If more than a month I will say that these are not for me, it is ok. But I will never be ashamed of what I do now. ”

And that was for me the most important test to face someone tells me do something stupid. Because no one told me you were stupid street, but my father told me that he is ashamed of what I do.

Spending more time in this area of ​​personal development, always listening to what is inside of me when I choose to do something. Often I chose to do a lot of things that I realized they were not mine.

I chose to make the System Administrator in a large company, I choose to do business IT man. I chose a bunch of things and I realized that at this age I learned to choose. I simply learned to make some choices mine. And choices that I am in agreement. I am convinced that I can stand up in front of my choice. Whatever it. That is an assumption of responsibility.

Most people, if you ask them why they are unhappy at or boss to say that because of the global crisis, politicians. Why? Because none of these people do not assume they do. And not all are aware that what happens in life are because of the choices they have made. And their choices are. That is taking responsibility. To assume the things they do. And this is the highest possible power source. ASSUMPTION. Because when you’re in agreement with what you have done is the largest source of energy. We are doomed to choose. We choose even if we say that we do not choose. Choose not to choose. But when you make a conscious choice, increase energy levels.

I ran after “I have less and are happy. Doing stuff and ready. I have less and fix everything. I take this business, earn both money and ready to solve all my problems. I ran long after chimera “that someday …”, which is very similar to “tell me what to do to …”

I do not think there is a recipe that you can learn to assume something or to learn how to get somewhere. Not to confusion here, I mean that life itself is a journey and the moment you realized you want to do something, you want to assume things that you want to create a community, it is time they start to deliver change, to come information. When you realized that it is essential to assume you want to do . Be sure that in time this will be increasingly more aware of this thing and to assume an increasingly better work it.

Assuming an essential source for me is a source of power. Whatever the outcome.

Andrea you can find here:, where he writes about the project.[:]

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