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Thematic Work with passion

We grow together – Saturday, May 25, 2013
People beautiful people are passionate, honest people who enjoy life, people are looking for and discovers himself step by step, people living beautiful people with an open heart, people who see life as a gift, as it really is actually.

And all are that way when we are in a place of relaxation and self-confidence when we accept that we are fine as we are, we should not change anything in our outside perception that we are not good enough.



My vision is to create a community of people who help us, in which we have common values, that we support each other. And at the same time each lives his own dream, whatever it is, leaving aside what they told my parents, society, friends as “should” do. Everyone is unique, and we need to celebrate our uniqueness it, to enjoy it.

How can we do this? With the help of others. Leaving us inspired, guided by other people. We were left on this Earth together, to help us and we ENDORSE between us. That is why we are all here in one place.

The purpose of these meetings is to inspire, to connect with others to share in our experiences help us re-discover step by step who we really are. They will take place periodically and will address various themes that bring us closer to others and us. To begin to live the life that I was really creative.

They will be invited people who will share their experience and that will guide us, so that we find our own way.

The environment is interactive and dynamic, in which we can ask questions, we make games, everything from a relaxing space.

The theme of this first meeting is called “Work with passion” – and is dedicated to those who have started a business soul of those who intend to do so, those who want to discover.

We have 3 guests who will inspire us and also will guide us:

Irina Thomas from “Duran Art by Irina Toma” he’ll poveastesca as bank dropped the service in order to devote himself fully to his passion. We discover that it was the process of transition from the banking system to work with joy to have a free program and to make matters much.

Andrew Tudose- the “DeliveringLife”. He worked as a manager in a multinational system in Germany, and when he got the best out there and realized that this is not his dream, but those close to him. What now does he approach people and ideas we implement DeliveringLife helps people get out of the routine. We will talk about how to trust their own ideas about community, about the connection with other people.

Adrian Chira- from “Personal Brand Grader”. He was executive manager in a bank, then director in another and is now passionate about personal branding and online identity. He will talk about his experience, about change and who resists it. With his help we will find out why it is useful to build your personal brand and we find our values ​​in life and why they are important.

We happily wait for you![:]

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