Reading Time: 3 minutes[:en]About two years ago I decided to participate in the half marathon (21 km race).

I habitual to run through parks, each 7-10 kilometers, but I never ran 21. Where you put that in college and high school sports had exemption. I decided to overcome this limit and I plan to attend the course.

310443_2319737231497_1986357725_nIn the company we work there were some colleagues who were running. Of the 3,000 employees, we have joined the race 10-15. The half marathon participate another boy from another department. My colleagues attended a 3kilometri and the relay.

Nobody thought able to finish a race, not even me. My colleagues did not believe because they say the girl, and I thought Cao to succeed, because there never ran that and I was convinced that a spirit of give my route.Smiley smiley

I prepared with about 3 months and one week before the race, I have not ran at all, not too tired my body. During this I prepared and mentally. In the beginning I said I did not finish, I started to train myself and to believe that everything will end well. In my mind I saw the finish line and there was no other choice for me than to end well.

One thing that motivated me was that I was running for Hope House Hospice. A second thing was that I’m there to me beyond a limit, prove to me that I can. You play it where I was the only girl in the entire company participating in the race. So I wanted to give my colleagues nose guys who ran 10 kilometers.Cheeky

On the day in question I went to bed early, I woke up early, I was quiet and wait for kick off. I started to run slowly, focused and centered, and went on so long. Going to rain and that helped me because I was cool. After some time I do not even feel my legs. It’s like running without me. Certainly if I stopped, I would not be remove. So I continued to run.

Now I remember I was very focused and mastered by anything. It was just me and the track.

After a while, it seemed like an eternity run. My colleagues support of me on the edge and I do well this.

Race finally approaching, and I do not think they could really finish it. After I passed the finish line, I was very happy and proud of me.

In a day I learned with amazement that finished in 2 hours and 16 minutes! Wow! Did I run in that race?

I learned something very important: that when I propose something and I wish him the heart happens. I can not believe at first that it would happen and it is important to view “finish line”, believe in myself and to gather people around me who support me.

As I find in me a determination on who may have thought, but that force, that fire, that passion that makes things happen. I’m the one who has the power to move things in the right direction and energy that I want.[:]

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