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In 2011, while working in a multinational company, we learned that the headquarters of the United States is sponsoring charities. It seemed extraordinary that and at some point I felt the need to initiate and organize a charity.

Soon after research, I found a foundation of spouses and we have found extraordinary story: the two take children off the streets or parents abandoned them, and raise them in their home for an unlimited period of time.

Liviu and Mihaela Guias Casa Lidia Foundation founded and established in Royal. There live in the same house with these children that I have written above.

Together with some colleagues in the company, I went to her in a beautiful Saturday. They were greeted enthusiastically about 30 children, and curiosity. They were used to people from coming on to her, and each time was a joyous occasion.

I took them packages with food, fun activities we organized, we played football, we ordered pizza. Photos below speak for themselves.

They were very happy to have done all that, but I noticed one important thing: these children most in need of affection. They were always in our arms, we took neck, kissing us, playing with our hair.

After that day, I had a feeling of sorrow for these children did not understand and do not understand why there are never those children that are abandoned by their families.

But I had a feeling of gratitude to family Guias that care for them, of fulfillment and contentment that I could do something for these kids and we nice.

I want to thank all the people who helped organize this day and without whom I would not have done: Family Guias first, Ana Maria Antoci who painted children face and my former colleagues: Luiza Cojocaru, Brandusa furriers, Flavia Zamfirescu, Ruxandra cold, Ramona Olteanu, Dima Laura Codrut Ganea. Thanks much. You guys are great!

If you want to know more about Casa Lidia Foundation, if you and can help them, find out more here:

Also I am available for further information or cooperation, if you want to organize a charitable activity for these children. You can write without hesitation Thanks!

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