Reading Time: 2 minutes[:en]Several years ago I found an association whose members were children and adults with disabilities / physical disabilities that were playing table tennis.

And not only playing table tennis, but went along with their coach, Mr. Florin Milciu at competitions in the country and abroad. Mr. Milciu is himself paralyzed on the left, and changed the car so it can be adapted to his needs.

When I went with a friend to visit them for the first time, to find out more about them, imagine my surprise was when I discovered that they moved to the center of a block of flats, somewhere in Berceni.

These people are people who have not given up life, have not given up on themselves, to enjoy not quit, they did not give to live. People who have not lost hope. 

Although they had weights  that make it difficult for them to move, they strive to go further.

And they needed the equipment to train after visiting why I went in the company we work in time and raised money to help as could all of us and those who wished they complete Form for donate 2% of their annual income tax.

The only source of the money coming from donations from the association of men and 2%.

How many of us, from the smallest obstacle, we are not ready to quit?

From these people I’ve learned a great lesson that day: no matter how hard it is, never give up! You have the power to go further, you have the power to fight!

If you want to help, send me an email to stefania@oameni-frumosi.ro and I can put you in contact with Mr. Milciu, their coach. You can help by donatig money or, if you are Romanian, you can complete the form for the 2% of the annual income tax.

These people need our help, they need to know they are not alone.

You can find out more about the association OK here: https://sites.google.com/site/asociatiaokclubbucuresti/

or their facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/OkClubBucuresti


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