Reading Time: 5 minutes[:en]I decided several months ago to quit for a while on Facebook. I felt for some time that this and therefore we did it. There had decided day I do this, but it happened on a Sunday evening. I asked how do I deactivate my Facebook account without losing data, knowing that I will return when I feel the need to return.

I knew it was the right decision, and when I click “Disable” and the next day I felt joy and freedom.

We go quite often and even if I wanted, all we get. It’s like my right hand went involuntarily and click on the icon called “Facebook”. Sometimes I struggle to not take my hand there and fighting ba May 1, but do not know how do, how I tricked Tap the blue and white. The naughty hand! But more finger depress and ‘click’.

I said that can not and IACA, decisions and actions taken. He could not because I could not be addictive, stupidly, for that.

I imagine my surprise was when, after a few days, I asked friends what happened, if they are well. “I okay, something happened?” Or “Really, how could you do that?” Or “We are in 2014 how to live without Facebook?” Others have not even noticed that I have no account.

They look pretty good I lived without Facebook, even I felt very alive.

“Does Facebook’s why I determine thousand wellbeing?” He thought. “If you have Facebook are fine, if not, something happened precipice hide, I suffer?” Does so much power I gave this application that when someone decides simply no longer use, something serious happened ?! Really now …

I began to ask myself: why us be so “addicted” to Facebook?

The need for connection.  This is a human need and naturally we feel the need to connect with friends, with your close ones. Facebook gratify you do not think this really need? For me the answer is clearly NO. I really put in touch with loved ones, meet other beautiful people, but the true sign means nothing.

Connecting real is when you meet a man, you look in his eyes. When you laugh with him when the story as you remember, when drinking tea next to each other, you make something funny, I give you a hug when we close in the true sense.

So if you want to connect, get out, get out there, do not waste time on Facebook.

The need to share a thought, an emotion, a state. And this is all a necessary connection. I started noticing all the people that desire stronger: to express them in a more authentic, more real.

On my personal Facebook site helped me in this regard. I love writing, to share. 

It is an environment where you feel safe. Use it. But be real share in everything, do not lie, this is not anything you use, just get away from you.

And this is only the beginning. The true power of expression comes when you do everything in a man’s face.

The need to be validated.  And here I think of like sites that we want when we publish something. There is nothing wrong in wanting to be appreciated by other people, but see not depend on it. The first man must appreciate you, like you and you validate’re even yourself.When you do this validation of others comes as a “bonus”, enjoy, but do not depend not cling to him.

The conclusion again: Facebook site is a tool, an aid. So we use it, do it for us.

Let’s not forget that many people put “statuses” for the sake of others, they want to “look” somehow want to look good. But that is their problem. But I would ask them, each one: for whom you live? For you or for others? And I would ask you not answer me, the answer from them, for them.

Newsfeed site. You look on the “wall” ala and see how everyone is doing something. I thought you grab haze. You think everyone does something wonderful, something happened that everyone knows not only great. Or do you think can and should do something. Not so. No “must” nothing, just relax. Do not forget that “everyone” curpinde more people, and you’re alone. And you can do something wonderful and arrived where you think? Also on Facebook. And they saw others and you frustrated other people in return. Were you’ve enjoyed.

From now on, when you see on Facebook that someone doing something nice, it went someplace nice, enjoy. I’ll come your turn. Who knows how the man waited, the holiday ?!Or how he worked for her. You can not know. When you sorry that others do and you do not, all you do yourself harm. Enjoy what others have, to you and you, that thing come to you.

And, again, do not forget that there are people who make all the great pictures that look good. I remember how a friend had a picture that says it is in Maldives and it was in … Bulgaria. It seems like one to another over, right?

Not all people posing in “happiness” means that we are. You do not know what is in their lives, if you do not know very well. I remember a joke that I had seen all up: “Do you want your life to be as beautiful as you claim that you have on Facebook.”

Here’s one loud people who really care about you and want to know how you are, how you feel, you call to see how you are, you will meet. If you do not have your phone number, it means that you are not so close. How can you say you are approached by a man if you met him? That “will converse” on Facebook or on any other app or online, does not mean that you are close. You’re really close to the man until after you meet, it’s there to feel it, really near you.

Now, after several months without Facebook, I returned. With another the perspective, of course. Always when you detach from a situation when, after a while, you look back, you will see otherwise. More relaxed, more real, you’ll see as it actually is. The important thing isto choose to look elsewhere for a while.

Why I returned? Because as I mentioned, it is a good medium, a way to contact people (notice that no longer use the term “connection”), create and participate in events nice to know what they do . Because we all recognize, people are on Facebook.

Now I’m not saying that Facebook is bad. I do not say it is any good. I’m just to use it as it is and has been created: an application on the Internet, a tool that helps us to do something. We do not give it more importance than it.

If you feel like you deactivate your Facebook account for a while, here’s how to do it:

Menu-Settings-Security- Deactivate your account. There ask you why you want to leave. If you do not want to lose the data, choose “This is temporary. I’ll be back. “When you come back everything will be the same, you do not have to worry about it.

Really important things not happening on Facebook, but outside, in the real world.Facebook is intermediate, the messenger.

Now I do not say to you deactivate your Facebook account. Only if you feel to take a break, to see how it is. Listen to yourself and do what you feel.

What if I do not use Facebook so much? I read more, I have more care of me, are centered more on the inside than the outside, that are closer to me, what I want, than others.

And I for one, I feel more realistic. I feel like I connect with people, so come out to meet them. How do you choose to do?😉


He inspired this article? Yes “share” your friends and they like to know what life is like without Facebook. Thank you![:]

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