Reading Time: 8 minutes[:en]I met dear to Incubator107, a place where all kinds of workshops are beautiful. He had come to support a workshop there as a trainer. What caught my attention was that he was friendly with people and could talk relaxed and open with him.

At the workshop held he talked about working passionately about doing things with pleasure. I said that I would like to know him better so I invited him to talk to tea and accepted with pleasure.

We met in a beautiful tearoom, flirting, small items, colorful, displayed on shelves. I could see wooden boxes, an old clock hanging on the wall, chairs with cushions, and smiling hosts, ambient music, I suggest you all feel at home. Where you put everywhere smelled cinnamon and biscuits.

When we arrived, Dragos had a meeting with someone. I saw when I entered, made merry with my hand and told her to come and he, as soon as the conversation ends.

Dragos was dressed casually, was relaxed, smiling and good-humored. We sat at a table, I ordered one tea and began to tell.

I found that now is a trainer, coach, mentor vocational. And he is passionate about what he does. He worked in IT, was the seller, account manager, store manager, sales manager, country manager, and at 39 years and resigned (currently has 44) and now help people to earn money doing what you like. Or even Dragos says:

– My mission is educator. Mentor vocational. Educator to have a happy life according to your values ​​and passions. That’s what I did in sales, and management’s what I did, what I did in everything we’ve done so far. Sheep have been in a previous life was a teacher, educator. I thousand while it is becoming increasingly clear that this is what I like: to transmit human attitudes, knowledge, things that make them grow, develop, fulfill their potential and be happy.

We started talking about what he and his passion for what we do we re-discover passions. It begins to say how important it is to have a state of flux when working. I asked how you get to this state of flux.

– Honey: The idea is to discover those activities, testing them, where you’re really passionate about. “I like the picture. Let’s test.” I go to a course … Come to test whether photography can become a passion. Well how do you find? Acting, testing. Do not stand and … “Mmmm, I would be good photographer? ” Not. Acting just doing. Looking online photo books, watching YouTube, I download all the books of photography, I go to a course and began experimenting. I look at others in the field, people who inspire me. I learn and experience. And little by slowly beginning to realize, is actually absorbed by something you are passionate about. I begin to look through the eyes of a camera that makes me looking beautiful and permanent harmony around me. I see the world differently and photography becomes a way of seeing the world. And then the picture becomes a lived passion, a passion that gives you energy, then becomes a value that can sell it started to create valuable things.

Then began telling me that he had a child passions. At first book of science fiction. So not only read occasionally, but everything he can. At first reading everything they could find in library science fiction father, all his friends, of acquaintances, he came to the National Library of Craiova and read everything in this area. He had “an irrepressible hunger science fiction. ”

Then in class XI discovered the game of Go. He learned English reading materials about Go. He gets to know people passionate about Go, Go has made a circle in Craiova, organized an international tour in Go communism in 1987. International that had two foreign guests: one in China, another in Japan.

While I was thinking how much energy this man. Yes, it is. People are passionate energy.

Dragos mention how important it is to surround yourself by people who support you, that you raise your energy level and not lower it.

– Stefan: What is important when you have a passion surrounding yourself by people who have the same passion as you?

– Honey: Because entourage enhances everything you want to do. If you sit next to a man who falls energy, the longer you stay near him even reduce confidence in what you want to do. It’s hard to resist unwholesome environment, unfriendly. So why do not I choose my entourage which encourages me that I do well ?!

– Stefan: You believe that all people are passionate about? I met people who told me that they have no passion.

– Honey: Watch children. There are children who are not keen on living? As passion what it means? Crazy intensity and curiosity. All children have. A healthy baby has however. What happens to those people is that for 10-20 years “abused” by parents, society, school, media, so that they be destroyed intense joy of living a curiosity to discover new stuff. We were all kids, glad we exist.

strong> We are born with passion. Passion for life and desire to discover things to be increasingly more passionate. People are people living with passion. Passion gives life. Pasiont A man is a man full of life.

– Honey: You also have a life full of passion, and passion to give you the energy your leisure. Day in the office doing something that I like or not …

– Stefan: But it’s worth doing it in your spare time?

– Honey: It’s a choice. I do not impose anything to anyone. Each choose how he wants. And tonight are passionate Mathches built houses. Or like that that make ships in bottles and fills them with joy. He does not want to live in it. Do not trust or not prepared. Or does not have a mentor to help him live his passion. Now with globalization and the Internet with this entrepreneurial culture to which you have access, I can bet with anyone, as any hobby you can earn enough to live decently. A decent living from which everyone can live. It’s a site in Switzerland with a guy who wanted to help some grandmother in a village who knew how to crochet mountaintop wool socks. And he wondered how to help them: give them 100 euros to take their food or help them, teach them to have a functional business. Then he chose. I make a site makes them pictures. “Pick your grandmother to crochet woolen socks.” And you choose to make your grandfather cioarapi woolen your size.

The man used a minimum resource: grandmothers who knew how to make wool socks, used the Internet – which 20 years ago was not working in this case, put some pictures, pay-pal, the world give the command and say “Yes I want two socks size 42 from grandparents that. “And pays $ 15. Man takes off expenses.

And just like any hobby can bring some money, how to bring an income to have a decent life and thus raised the standard of living of grandmothers.

And that’s what I promote: you can start your own business without risk, without cost. But do a little effort: you need time and energy invested. But not necessarily money.

That is the kind of social entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship we promote vocational and which I believe it is our only chance to rediscover the joy of work, the joy of creating.

Because it is a creative work. Work is the joy of creation, the bestowal of creating something valuable. That is the work in any form. And it is unique. The joy of creating something beautiful, valuable, useful at the same time.

I asked how long was his last service, which is country manager. He said that 3-4 years, then decided to leave. I thought it was him hard enough to make this shift from the time you pay above average and you decide that you quit to have more free time for doing something that fulfills you more. Dragos reply that indeed I had a salary, but because at 9pm at home and not spending money grab. He realized he did not want to work in a corporation to win more than he needs. I prefer to consume less, eat healthier and spend money on things that truly needs than to buy clothes, suits, mobile thousand euros. It is thought that his comfort level and then wondered how to reach this amount. The answer he found for him was: the training, mentoring, coaching.

Then he started telling me how, when you’re starting out, it is helpful to have a coach to help you get started and to which you take responsibility you will comply with its guidelines. I wondered if, when you’re starting out and you can not start one. He said yes, but with a cost.

First of all make the choice. Your choice inner how you want to live your life. Decide you empower yourself, to be determined and disciplined in terms of your goals.

And that’s going to be difficult if you start one. Like when you want to swim. You can look on google, youtube how to do, you can read books, look at competitions. You’ll learn difficult in a long time, but it can succeed. Unlike when you take a swimming teacher who helps through experience and training that has to go out of your comfort zone faster and learn to swim in a given time. It is a matter of efficiency from his point of view. Then he added:

– All you can learn from a mentor you find yourself. But the risks of suffering and you take longer.

– Stefan: You said just now that put people to talk about their passion. Why is this important?

– Honey: If you want to live your passion, if you want to get money for the value that you do with your passion, you must communicate somehow. You can communicate in so many way. You do not have to talk, but you have to communicate. “World, I have something valuable, and if you like, pay me so that I can continue to give this valuable. ”

– Honey: I chose to teach people how to have a more fulfilling life, most beautiful, authentic. Authentic: what they say, what I think and what they do are congruent. A life where you do not have to pretend to be what they are not, because otherwise they are not paid, or otherwise are not accepted.

– Stefan: But like you pretending to be what you’re not?

– Honey: gain some, you lose another. For example in a relationship with a girl. Let alone the corporation. Everyone is looking couple relationship. I see a face that something attracts me unconscious. And a choice. I choose to pretend it wondering what she likes, what she likes. I watch and try to guess all sorts of things. As I believe, as I read, as we saw in films, what I saw on hi5 are the girls? I read in Cosmo that is looking for girls? And I begin to pretend to be what they are not. And while you lie? Two years as they say or sometimes 5 minutes, that women instinct to realize how true it is a man or not. Or … accept that they are what they are. I first I accept myself as I am. And I go and say look, this is me. With good and bad.

– Stefania Very few people do this.

– Honey: Because between parental education and school are educated to pretend. He’s encouraged a child: be yourself, be yourself as you are, be creative. I even now 2-44 year student years at university I had exam and I told them what the author says, then I wanted to say my opinion. “I do not care what you think. I am interested to tell me what he said about the topic Ion Moraru x. “That is the culture: in cultivating people without autonomy, without authenticity. I do not have to think, do not need to create should not have opinions.

– Stefan: So the final to say to people kind of message. Feel inspired, that they will succeed in that aim. A kind of impulse, a kind of “zvac” whatever.

– Honey: so to speak, summarizing all my life philosophy in a few words: happiness is accessible to all, happiness is a choice. It is your choice to Discover, cultivate and harness the passions. We all have the ability to enjoy and be passionate thousand things. Happiness is choosing to re-awaken, relive all this passion and harness it in one way or another. Do something in the direction of your passion. Happiness is a choice and passion is a decent way of living doing what you love, what fills

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