[video] Simona Telban – I always learn something when I travel

Reading Time: < 1 minute[:ro]I’m very happy to publish my first interview in English and my first beautiful foreigner human being at oameni-frumosi.ro.

I met Simona 2 years ago, she was travelling in Europe. She took a month off just to travel.

We met only 2 times, but we felt the connection right from the beginning. First time when we met we were part of a group of travelers, second time I went to her place to chat, to eat, we even took a nap together. 🙂

After we woke up I took the camera and shoot the video.

Simona is a sweet girl, very warm and open (you have to be like this if you travel).

I asked her why she chose Romania, what she learned from travelling, from people she met.

It’s just a normal, fun, authentic conversation.

I hope you will enjoy it! 🙂



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  1. During my 4 years stage in Greece, I met lots of people from tens of countries, I heared lots of languages (over 20) spoken.
    Actually, I think that about 50% of my books were written and published while I were in Greece.
    As about hitch-hiking… I use to do this since I was 19 years. That means some 36 years of this weird practice.
    I belive what Simona says is mostly true. If your thinking aims for bad things, then you get them.
    I think hitch-hicking is more about feeling free, daring to challenge yourself all the time than about “it might happen something bad”.
    Actually, I belive the only bad thing that really happens is that you die. The old “ME” dies every time I accept a challenge.
    Every time I become a new “ME”.
    I think this makes you stronger, if you accept and DO CHANGE, than each step in life is kinda dying and getting reborn…

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